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Ah... the toons. The best part of the Homestar Runner website (aside from StrongBadEmail), here is a list of all the toons on the Homestar Runner website. Have fun in your living room!

Note: The toons menu layout changed on June 22, 2004 and divided all the toons into eight categories. It used to display Strong Bad Emails, Marzipan's Answering Machine and Teen Girl Squad in a section called Features. Powered by The Cheat and Puppet Stuff were listed under Shorts.

*(T) indicates that the toon has been transcribed
*(E) indicates that at least one Easter Egg has been discovered in the toon
:(Note: A (T) doesn't necessarily mean the transcript is complete or correct, nor does an (E) necessarily mean that all of the Easter Eggs have been found!)

== Full-Length Toons ==
*Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon (T, E) - Strong Bad gets pinched. 6:00 long, 2004

*Parsnips-A-Plenty (T, E)- The first Homestar talkie. 2:38 long, 1936

*Where's the Cheat? (T, E)- Strong Bad can't find the Cheat. 6:18 long, 2002

*The Luau (T, E)- Marzipan and Strong Bad's parties face off. 5:36 long, 2001

*A Jorb Well Done (T, E)- Coach Z's accent gets out of hand. 4:00 long, 2001

*The Reddest Radish (T)- More like the Biggest Radish. 2:23 long, 2000

*In Search Of The Yello Dello DVD (T, E)- Homestar seeks a hot bird. DVD. 3:32 long, 2000

*The King Of Town DVD (T, E)- The King has lost his sheep. DVD. 1:26 long, 2000

== Toon Shorts ==
*Peasant's Quest Trailer (T, E)- Coming Soon From Videlectrix. 1:10 long, 2004

*Experimental Film (T, E)- Strong Sad & The Cheat direct a video. 3:00 long, 2004

*Senor Mortgage (T, E)- Wait. Is Senor Cardgage real?! 1:22 long, 2004

*Cheat Commandos...O's (T, E) - Ridiculous breakfast. 2:13 long, 2004

*The Cheatar, a.k.a "What we did last week" (T, E)- The Cheat opens up a can of peas. 0:54 long, 2004

*Cheat Commandos (T, E)- Buy all our playsets and toys. 1:03 long, 2004

*Mr. Shmallow (T, E)- He's no apothecary. 1:03 long, 2003

*Ballad of the Sneak (T, E)- The #1 Summer Jam from 1936. 2:05 long, 2003

*Lookin at a Thing in a Bag (T) - 4 drinks for 4 cool guys. 3:50 long, 2003

*Arcade Game, a.k.a "in da basement" (T, E)- Strong Bad gets a Trogdor arcade game. 1:44 long, 2003

*20X6 vs. 1936 (T, E) Stinkoman meets Old Timey Homestar. 1:55 long, 2003

*The System is Down (T, E)- Strong Bad broke the internet. 1:06 long, 2003

*Meet Marshie! (T, E)- America's favorite marshmallow. 0:56 long, 2002

*The Interview (T, E)- Strong Bad interviews Homestar. 2:47 long, 2002

*Fluffy Puff Commercial (T, E)- Homestar blows his lines. 2:24 long, 2001

*Theme Song Video (T)- Home Star Run Go. 1:00 long, 2000

*Kick the Can (T, E) Early, silent Homestar cartoons. 0:22 long, each, 2000

*Strong Bad Sings (T, E) - K-Tel Records presents! 1:42 long, 2000

== Powered by The Cheat ==
*New Boots, a.k.a. "Powered by The Cheat" (T, E) - The Cheat gets some new boots. Hi-five. 2:35 long, 2004

*Mile (T, E)- The Cheat guest-authors a SBEmail. 2:40 long, 2003

*Crazy Cartoon (T, E) - I guess the Cheat deserves a trophy. 1:12 long, 2003

*Everybody To The Limit (T, E) - The #1 Summer Jam. 1:56 long, 2002

*The Cheat Theme Song (T, E)- The Cheat directs his own video. 1:56 long, 2002

== Puppet Stuff ==
*Puppet Jam: Mission Control - HSR vs. TMBG. 1:00 long, 2004 NOTE: IT IS BEING DELAYED CURRENTLY AND IS NOT ON THE SITE YET.
Please Note Again That It Has Been Taken Off The Toons Menu.

*Puppet Jam: Vitamins/Celebrities (T, E) - HSR vs. TMBG. 1:10 long, 2004

*Puppet Jam: Tropical Lazor Beams (T, E) - HSR vs. TMBG. 1:11 long, 2004

*Puppet Jam: Bad Jokes (T, E) - HSR vs. TMBG. 1:14 long, 2004

*Puppet Time (T) - Homestar "borrows" stuff from Strong Bad. 1:11 long, 2004

*Everybody Knows It (T, E) - Puppet Homestar sings. 1:02 long, 2003

== Holiday Toons ==
*Decemberween In July (T) (E) - Several stocking stuffers. 0:00 long, 2004

*Under Construction (T, E) - Stinkoman saves April Fool. 1:47 long, 2004

*3 Times Halloween Funjob (T, E)- Marzipan contacts the dead. 6:00 long, 2003

*Malloween Commercial (T, E) - Marshie goes off the deep end. 1:40 long, 2003

*Superbowl Dealie (T, E) - Football makes a good excuse. 0:39 long, 2003

*A Decemberween Pageant (T, E)- The gang puts on a weird play. 4:23 long, 2002

*Pumpkin Carve-nival (T, E)- Everybody carves pumpkins. 5:32 long, 2002

*The Best Decemberween Ever (T, (E) - Homestar gives gifts. 4:43 long, 2001

*Some Stupid Turkey (T) - Strong Bad gives thanks. 0:39 long, 2001

*The House that Gave Sucky Treats (T, E) - Trick/Treat. 4:00 long, 2001

*A Mother's Day Message (T, E) - Strong Bad loses a bet. 1:29 long, 2001

*A Holiday Greeting (T) - Strong Bad offends everybody. 1:38 long, 2000

*Homestarloween Party (T, E)- Costume Party!!. 5:04 long, 2000

== Special Cartoons ==
*Intro 2
*Old Intro
*Another Old Intro
*Flag Intro
*Ween Intro
*KoT Intro
*KoT E-mail (T)
*First Flash
*Second Flash
*First Time Here? (T, E)
*Isle of Pom
*Super NES

== Cartoons that Left ==
*A Jumping Jack Contest (T, E)
*Marshmallow's Last Stand (T, E)

== Additional Information ==

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