Hello! I'm Tom.

I'm not so new at this any more.

I found this Wiki through a {Google search}. I used to be an anonymous WikiGnome, but now I'm not. Though I still go around just checking grammar and spelling sometimes... Okay, all the time. I just have to. Bad grammar and spelling gives me the jibblies. Or even the jibblie jibblies.

My favorite StrongBadEmail is StrongBadEmail/personal favorites.

And, coincidentally, my favorite transcript is StrongBadEmail/personal favorites/TranScript by InterruptorJones. I think this is an extremely well written transcript, mostly because it is extremely thorough. I like that.

Wiki pages that I am quite proud of:

Yeah, I was not doing much else at 2:30 on a Monday morning... so that explains my discovery of the second one there...

I also upkeep the Floppy Disk Container page with a passion. I like that page. More than you know.

I am also the tour guide for the WikiPolls/Archives museum. Check it out! Admission is free.

Any comments will be appreciated.

Please feel free to e-mail me at tom@hrwiki.org.