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Welcome to the WikiPolls

This is the page for Polls. All polling on the Wiki should take place here so that the other pages of the Wiki that relate directly to [H*R] can remain purely informational and people browsing the web will not have to deal with comments and elaborate voting setups. The page in question will be edited after the Poll runs its course.

So if there’s something to vote on, post it here under the correct catagory. Please follow the format of the other polls by making the question bold and the options italicized.

Discussion Format

If you would like to state your opinion and/or reasoning behind your side of any given poll, feel free to create a sub-page of WikiPolls to facilitate discussion. All you have to do is put the link to the subpage (don't forget that leading slash!) below the poll. Please refrain from discussing things directly on this page so as to not clutter up the polls. Thanks.


If your looking for a poll that used to be on this page, but isn't anymore, check in the archives museum. I hear the tour guide is a really nice guy!

JoeyDay's Polls

None at the moment.

Wiki Decision Polls

Should a new creatures such as Thnikaman, Doregard, and Stickly Man have more than one mention to be considered an official character?
"Yes" -The Brothers E, Heir_of_Lindeen, TubularLuggage, RaisedByACupOfCoffee, JoeyDay, Upsilon, DiabloEchidna Alakazam9891, CoochDog
"Not Entirely" - SephirothBadRel, CE5, gunhaver, Arrohed Aria, JestersOfTheMoon, HoD_Qheldar -(What does this mean? We need a clear cut policy for new characters, and this does not help)(It means that that should be one of the factors, but it should not entirely control whether they're characters or not.)
Please chat in Rejects/Heated Discussion and Debate

In the Grape Nuts Robot StrongBadEmail/personal favorites easter egg, what does the Grape Nuts Robot say? Comments: Grape Nuts Robot
"Carp for brains" - "Douglas", Upsilon, DiabloEchidna, CE5, PrincessofStrongBadia, CoochDog, Alakazam9891, Sunnythehamstar, JestersOfTheMoon, Mechafox, Crap
"Dork for brains" - Stu, TehMilkman
Who cares? - Arrohed Aria
"Come back Ali. Come back Ali's sister" - sunnythehamstar(Geez, I can't believe you people don't remember that!), gunhaver
Sunny, the robot said more than one thing. We all know it said that, but it also said carp/dork for brains. -M'fox

In Other Character Email, should people get to have pages to themselves or should people be able to answer any emails they want?
"Independent Pages" - JestersOfTheMoon, Brother E voted! , Bird is on...Fire , The Poe of Kou
"Independent Emails" - Jack Selby, SephirothBadRel, El Zilcho
"I'm going to waste space and time and say I don't care" - Alakazam9891
"If people put these in subpages for userspace, we wouldn't have a problem" -
"Both" - Crap, gunhaver
"I don't know what that means...and you still smell like pea soup." -PrincessofStrongBadia, "Douglas", Arrohed Aria

What Did You Think Of This or That? Polls

Did you enjoy SBEmail #100? Please add your username.
Best of all time - Crap, FancyMan, RaisedByACupOfCoffee
Great - War129, Another Fan, Gemini, The Brothers E, InterruptorJones, Tom, CoochDog, SephirothBadrel, El Zilcho, Rainer, PrincessofStrongBadia, Mattaf, AgentSeethroo, (StrongBadZone22)?, SibbieSong, Comanche, LordHomsar, Upsilon, AgentSeethroo, CE5, DanielLC, JamesGecko, Stu, Mechafox, JoeyDay, TubularLuggage, TehMilkman, Pride of the peaches, "Douglas" (Alakazan9891)?, The Friggin Cheat, HoD_Qheldar
Good - JestersOfTheMoon, ImitationChocolate, Arrohed Aria, bkmlb, AgentSeethroo, Fishie McGee, Fire...Bird, gunhaver
Okay -
Bad - Jack Selby
Worst of all time - ninjaman, AgentNine

Do you think Senor Cardgage IS creepy comb over SB?
Yes - SephirothBadReligion, Arrohed Aria, JestersOfTheMoon, gunhaver
No - "Douglas", Upsilon, CE5, CoochDog, Mechafox
Maybe...." -HoD_Qheldar
Who Cares? - Alakazam9891
They're not the same person but they still look the same - PrincessofStrongBadia
Not Sure... -Crap
Discuss this here.

Do you think that The Brothers Chaps should bring Trivia Time into the gang? Please add your username.
Yes - Rainer, AgentSeethroo, Crap, CE5, Arrohed Aria(I saw Trivia Time behind the fence in the Jail cartoon), Mechafox, bkmlb, FancyMan Alakazam9891, CoochDog, gunhaver
No - War129, SephirothBadRel, FireBird, Pride of the peaches, JestersOfTheMoon
Don't care one way or the other - Stu, PrincessofStrongBadia, JoeyDay, AgentSeethroo, TubularLuggage, TehMilkman

Do you think Homeschool Winner should come back? Please add your username.
Yes - Rainer, SephirothBadRel, CE5, CoochDog, Mechafox, Arrohed Aria, PrincessofStrongBadia, Crap
I'm going to waste time and space and say I don't care - TehMilkman, bkmlb(Back? When was he ever in?),
No -Pride of the peaches, gunhaver
I hate Homeschool Winner! - JestersOfTheMoon (He's too overhyped!)
Maybe -Alakazam9891

Who's your favorite character? Please add your username.
Homestar Runner - Rainer, Poot Slap, 00Behave, bkmlb, SephirothBadrel
Strong Bad - PrincessofStrongBadia, Comanche, Crap, DanielLC, EboMike, crisw, The Friggin Cheat
Strong Sad - Arrohed Aria, Me, CheatKing12, Sunnythehamstar
Strong Mad -
The Poopsmith - JoeyDay
Marzipan -
The Cheat - CB, CE5, TubularLuggage, JestersOfTheMoon, HoD_Qheldar, Shopiom
The King of Town - Jack Selby, FancyMan
Coach Z - Upsilon
Bubs - AgentSeethroo, Fishie McGee, Alakazam9891, gunhaver
PomPom - FireBird
Homsar - liato, Jack Selby, War129, AaAaAaA!, SBZ22, RaisedByACupOfCoffee, TehMilkman, Pride of the Peaches, DiabloEchidna, CoochDog, Queen Of Town
Other -
Too hard to tell - Population Tire

Who's your least favorite character? Please add your username.
Homestar Runner - Jack Selby, Crap, RaisedByACupOfCoffee, CheatKing12
Strong Bad -
Strong Sad - SephirothBadrel
Strong Mad - JoeyDay, FireBird
The Poopsmith - JamesGecko
Marzipan - liato, Upsilon, EboMike, Poot Slap, Pride of the Peaches
The Cheat -
Coach Z - Rainer, JestersOfTheMoon
Bubs - crisw
PomPom - 00Behave
Homsar - DanielLC, HoD_Qheldar
The King of Town - Comanche
Don't have one! - AgentSeethroo, Another Fan, War129, Stu, M'fox, bkmlb, CE5, CB, Arrohed Aria, AaAaAaA!, Me, Fishie McGee, FancyMan, TubularLuggage, TehMilkman, Alakazam9891, CoochDog, Queen Of Town
Marshie-Shopiom, gunhaver

Do you think that The Brothers Chaps' work on [] is taking away from H*R? Please add your username
Yes - Rainer, SephirothBadRel, The Karninator, FireBird
No - JoeyDay, AgentSeethroo, PrincessofStrongBadia, SibbieSong, FancyMan, TehMilkman, Pride of the peaches Alakazam9891, CoochDog, Agent9, JestersOfTheMoon, HoD_Qheldar
Discuss in /MellowMushroom.

Do you think that Parsnips-a-Plenty is the 1936 version of The Reddest Raddish? Please add your username.
Yes - CE5, PrincessofStrongBadia
No - War129, Sephiroth, Upsilon Alakazam9891, JestersOfTheMoon, Mechafox, HoD_Qheldar, gunhaver
Sort Of - Rainer, JoeyDay, TehMilkman, ((Pride of the peaches)
I'm giving you some medicine! - DarkLordNache, Lord Karkon, CoochDog
I'm going to waste time and space saying I don't care - Crap

Do you even like Mellow Mushrooom?
No- FireBird, The ruler of the universe, sunnythehamstar, Agent9, The Friggin Cheat, JestersOfTheMoon, HoD_Qheldar
Never- FireBird, Rainer The Friggin Cheat
Are you kidding?- FireBird, Arrohed Aria, The Friggin Cheat
Yeah, right!- FireBird, The Friggin Cheat
I'm going to waste time and space to say I don't care.- Crap, Pride of the peaches
''It's OK- Jack Selby, PrincessofStrongBadia, CE5, Alakazam9891, CoochDog

Which Cheat commando is your favorite? Discuss in Favorite Cheat Commando.
Silent Rip-
Firebert-Another Fan
Gunhaver- gunhaver
Ripberger- CE5
Reinforcements- Population Tire
Reynold- Crap {Oh, I really need to go grocery shopping.}
Blue Laser Lackey-
Blue Laser Leader- "Douglas" {WE'LL BLOW UP THE OCEAN!!}

Have You Ever? Polls

Have you ever written an E-Mail to Strong Bad? Please add your username.
Yes - liato, JamesGecko, InterruptorJones, Jack Selby, PrincessofStrongBadia, Upsilon, AgentSeethroo, Shadow00, Crap, SephirothBadRel, Poot Slap, DanielLC, War129, (StrongBadZone22)?, Arrohed Aria, Stu, Mechafox, bkmlb, Me, TehMilkman, Shopiom, FancyMan, TubularLuggage, Comanche, The Brothers Please, RaisedByACupOfCoffee, TheBigKnife, cybersurfer360, TehMilkman, CheatKing12, Alakazam9891, sunnythehamstar, Agent9 The Friggin Cheat, CB, JestersOfTheMoon, HoD_Qheldar, gunhaver, Population Tire
No - Gemini, Rainer, EboMike, crisw, JoeyDay, FireBird, Pride of the peaches, CoochDog

Have you ever gotten an answer back (to those who said YES before)?
Yes (Which one?) -
No - Population Tire
Sort of (a similar email was answered) -

Statistics Polls

Do you go on this Wiki more often than H*
Yes - Arrohed Aria, War129, JestersOfTheMoon, Crap, InterruptorJones, PrincessofStrongBadia, JoeyDay, TheBigKnife, The Brothers E, TehMilkman, thejeek The Friggin Cheat, FireBird
No - Comanche, CE5, SephirothBadRel, technochoc , Upsilon, Agent9, HoD_Qheldar
About Equal - Pride of the peaches, Alakazam9891, sunnythehamstar, CoochDog, Hobophobic, gunhaver, Population Tire