Hi I'm Chris from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Hi Chris, I'm Josh. but most people call me j. like the letter...j...

Hi j ("jay"?)... 00Behave

pronounced "jay", but spelled j.
I'm a mystery wrapped in an enigma, salted lightly with confusion!

New Zealand, yeah and im from Germany.^-^. Strongrad

Sweet! Guten Tag... I learnt a bit of German years ago. You can speak English & German fluently? We should start a wiki with "Where are you from?" (or is there already one?) 00Behave

If I'm not mistaken, Strongrad was being facetious. I doubt he's really from Germany. --JoeyDay

um. uh. Sorry Chris...Strongrad isn't a good example of "wiki friendliness".
but seriously, I've known a few people from new zealand...one guy named Winkie. he was cool! AgentSeethroo

I sicerely apologize for my friends unnecesary comment it seems ever since I joined all I've been doing is apologizing to people about my friend's impolite speaking -Stevebad

Is your name a reference to Austin Powers? I LOVE that movie!!! -da princess

Im not really from Germany but i am German. I can speak only a few words. We could start a wiki, were are your origins. Strongrad

Your pretty cool, i thought you were jokin about being from new zealand, that sounds like a cool place, oh and i was serius about that last commemt, but id have to learn how to make a wiki. Sup. Strongrad

I don't see why somebody would joke about being from New Zealand or think that somebody is joking about being from there. The internet is made up of people from all over the world. I've met people on the internet from the U.S., Canada, UK, Denmark, Japan, Russia, Australia, Slovakia (one of my mom's internet friends from Slovakia came over here once a few years ago.) The Czech Republic, and many others I don't have the space to mention. -War129

Lol! Strongrad: no probs mate, my fault for displaying "internet naiveity". I am a bit of a wiki noobie i must confess! It's cool to find a wiki with not too many members (around 100), so that people at least TALK to one another!
Da princess: yeah it is a reference to Austin Powers, but jokes about those movies have been done to the death, so I'm sort of regretting having it as my alias :) - 00Behave

Well, I like New Zealand for a lot of reasons. The biggest reason is because The Lord of the Rings was made there. I happen to be Irish.- SBZ22

I've been in Norway before, did you? (Snakker du norsk?) -Maudi Algabban