I have left Wiki indeffinatly. Maybe I will come back someday, but right now I do not get along with a few, and a few are way to many here. I also hate the forum. I refused to sign up. First of all, why should I have to? Second of all, I dont have an email address, and I refuse to get one, especially just so i can use wikis forum. Keep watching Homestar, I will be, SephirothBadReligion.

Mr. Brett, The coolest of them all

Hello young missy, and welcome to the (incoherent mumbling) of doom!

My name is Malcolm. I am 14, and live in NJ. I play guitar and listen to alot of punk music. As you can see I would be no where without it, just look at all my heros pictures on this user space.

My favorite bands (in some sort of apprx. order) (my favorite song by them is in ()'s after them)
1) Bad Religion (too many favorites)
2) Pennywise (Bro Hymn)
3) Offspring (The Noose, The Kids Aren't Alright)
4) Anti-Flag (911 for peace)
4) NOFX (yes, also in 4th) (Seperation of church and skate)
5) Rise Against (Blood Red White and Blue)
6) Rancid (Time Bomb)

Less Then Jake (Anchor), 88 Fingers Louie (Punk-Rock Rulebook), Boy Sets Fire (Rookie), and alot of others are also great. Also I like the song I hate your f****** guts by The Queers.

And I am not a nerd. (in almost every profile I look at here I see "I'm a nerd/geek!) Most of the time im offensive just to cause controversy, so dont take offense.

I found this page searching for the one hundredth email because I couldn't wait, and I wanted to hear what people thought. Since then, most of what I've done is in the Strong Bad Sings lyrics pages. I've fixed most of them in some way. I've also worked on Places and Characters - even some of the rejects. And I am active in voting on the polls. Hell I've done something nearly everywhere. Also in Fan stuff I am working on the story ("Homestar for President!")? The story is based on The Shining which I have started and has nothing to do with the title. On this site I used to be also known as SephirothBadRel

Bad Religion

Warped 2004! Cant wait!

Favorite Character: Very hard to say...Homsar?

Raised by: A cup of coffee.

Favorite E-mail: Different Town or The Show

Favorite other toon type dealy: Fluffy Puff Commercial

Book: IT by Steven King

Chris Head of Anti-Flag

My Veiw on politics:
As long as your against Bush your an ally. Bush deserves to be impeached. He's a communist, a turncoat, killer, liar, and a theif, and I can back up each one of those statements so don't try me any of you "Bush lovers."

I'll update this more later, gator.
You know Fletcher shoved a hotdog up his nose once? After shoving it in mayo, than *voip!* up his nose. Fletchers the man.

Tim Armstrong

Yeah as for the pictures..There of the best musicians of, minus a few, such as El Hefe, Chris Chasse, Jay Bently, Fat Mike, and maybe a few others.

I think someone should copy and paste all this "yeah I know, is it?" and "yeah, no, is it?" to one page. (Its Yeah, No, people!)-SephirothBadReligion

Because of the band I get the name, but some people are gonna take your name a bit more literally. When you get into the realms of beleifs, you're on thin ice.
And I'm gonna have to dispute the Yeah thing. Slow the thing down and listen to the small "uahh" before know/no that sounds like I as in "I know" said quickly, sounding like "uh-know". -Warmaster129

I risk to differ. Maybe if SephBadRel's (may I abbr. it like that?) handle were something like "ChristianityBadReligion" or something, it could be taken badly. But since Sephiroth is not a religion, I don't think there's any risk of offense. -AgentSeethroo

Sure, go ahead and abbrv. As for religion, I hope I don't offend anyone, my own mom is a minister. But the name wouldn't seem right to have it as "SephirothPennywise" would it? hmm....--SephirothPennywise (just kidding)(Oh and by the way, please always sign what you do. I was nice this time and put it in.)

um...did I really type that? I don't remember it. AgentSeethroo

Well the history said you did.... so you did. I don't really know but its too quiet down here. Maybe I should say something to cause controversy. Okay Okay, I got it. STRONGBAD IS A (ummmm) LOSER...and...He SMELLS! HA! - SephirothBadReligion

Henry Rollins, Black Flag.

This Space is dedicated to Pennywise's ex-bassists Jason Matthew Thirsk, who shot himself sometime between '95-96.
The words of Bro Hymn Tribute are the words of true freinds, "If you die I die that's the way it is."
Jason Matthew Thirsk

Here is where I would put a punkd out homestar/strongbad or just one with a guitar...if I had one!

I'm thinking of Leaving Wiki after I finish my fan fiction. I liked being able to have my say and the forum has screwed me up so much, I'm not gunna even touch them.

How has the forum screwed you up? ~ AgentSeethroo

I don't get it, it seems really confusing i clicked on polls and a list of moderaters or something came up and I just get lost so quickly. And how do i set it up with like the picture and then I post and....confuzzlin'

Dexter And Noodles, The Offspring

I like Noodles' shirt. --Hobophobic

Yeah, but recently they've become a bunch of sell outs, and sadly so is Rancid. Leaving Epitaph really proved that, so now The Offspring can go jump off a bridge. I'm content with the old stuff.

I've never really been able to get into Rancid. ...and out come the wolves is the only album I like. Operation Ivy (what spawned Rancid) is bloody awesome. Offspring were great back in the day too. As for Noodles' shirt, Descendents are definitely one of the best bands of all time. Checked out The Empire Strikes First? -Hobophobic

Yes I have actually, The transition from Overture and sinister rouge is great, and sinister rouge is a perfect song alone. As for Rancid, try there songs like Hyena and Rats in the Hallway. Yeah I'd have to agree with you on descendents, but i havent heard alot of operation Ivy. -Ghost of SephirothBadReligion