Hiya Wondermike! I'm LordHomsar
And this...is all about me...save a little.


Yup...I'm a Pom-Pom...apparently, it does suit me!
Well I'm a short time reader, first time joiner (Oooh, a STR FTJ).
I live in (banned in the UK)...aka MY OWN LITTLE WORLD!! and I'm 15 years old.
My interests are Warhammer, Soccer and being lazy in winter (a form of Semi-Hibernation)
People say I do a wicked Homestar/Homsar impression (it's all in the nasal-stuffs). Or lack of (just ask...)
Yup... Onto other stuffs...

Favourite...Bunch of other stuff: (would've pulled a strongbad..if only...)

Feel free to add your comments here!:

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"...." dot dot dot - SephirothBadRel