So the news is: I'm home for the summer, home being where the connections bring me 56k per second and the emails are few and far between. For a number of reasons, therefore, I won't be showing up on the Wiki as much as before. I will try to check in once or twice a week, so please don't baleet me. I'll be back to checking in daily some time in early september.

A bit more about me:

Stuff I do:

what else? uh...

More Stuff:

Favorite H*R character:Bubs
Favorite H*R Toon: A Jorb Well Done
Favorite H*R song: The Cheat Is Not Dead

On the Wiki, I transcribed 4 or 5 emails (don't ask which ones)

I created the WikiPolls page. If I hadn't, I'm sure someone would have thought of it at some point.

Want to chat? I'm weird, trust me. Still want to? My AIM screen name is Fishie McGee.

Want to spend long hours writing me emails? Really? well send them to fishiemcgee@yahoo.com

F. McGee

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