Well. I got bored with the old one. If you want to ask me a question, go right ahead. -Stu

Hey Stu! I just thougth I would just want to support you. I'm like the only one here..And Here what I'm going to ask you... Are you one of the makers of this site? Well.. its getting kind of creepy here being alone bye! GRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAH! Homesar Wannabe

Hmmm, well that was a little random. I don't get very many visitors here, do I? I would love to take some credit for the creation of the wiki, but alas, I can't. I have been good friends with JoeyDay for several years. I knew about the wiki before it existed, but I didn't do much more then encourage Joey to do it (and even I didn't do much of that either). I kinda lurked around for the first little while. When I saw other people editing pages I decided to create a username and here I am. -Stu

WOW! YOU ARE SO COOL!!! Homesar Wannabe

Hey Stu, are you really from Utah? --TzaMan

Yes --Stu

What part? Im asking cuz i am from Utah as well. --TzaMan

Originally from West Jordan, now I am in Murray. -Stu

Geography is fun! ~ AgentSeethroo

Cool, Im from Salt Lake. --TzaMan

No offense Stu, but your userspace isn't really that good. If you want a good one, check out these userspaces: The Conductor, Nelson339, Jweb Guru, JestersOfTheMoon, and
mine -Shopiom(My name is not linked because I already typed it and had it linked in this post)

None taken, but quite frankly, I don't care. :)