What was sooooooooooo bad about the 100th email!!

Look, it's my opinion, I shouldn't have to be pushed around for it. I just thought we'd get a better celebration than a normal e-mail with a gimmick (widescreen), and Strong Bad saying "e-mail" 100 times (which also, IMHO, slows down the pace of the e-mail and delays the easter eggs). So if you're not happy with that, then go eat Grumblecakes.

It had 8 easter eggs,explained origin of characters and had a cool intro!
And if it was not the 100th one would you like it?

You think TAPE-LEG was better than that? -- JestersOfTheMoon

I liked tapeleg! -Crap

Tapeleg sucked! All the old e-mails suck, all the ones down from gimmicks. Ok, not ALL the ones down from gimmicks. Sbemail22, CGNU, flag day, stand-up, spring cleaning, and superhero name are the only good e-mails that are down from gimmicks.

Just because they were short doesn't mean they suck. It was a great experience of the pioneering of Strong Bad Emails and Huffana puffana rubble dubble.... -SephirothBadRel

Yeah, geez man. They don't have to be some long elaborate thing to not suck. Infact, some of the oldest ones are my favourites!(And I liked tapeleg!!!) -PrincessofStrongBadia
There's actually only a few emails I don't like, and you can guess why: sisters, theme party, gimmicks, sugarbob, studying, the ONE Homsar part in different town

OK, OK, BREAK IT UP!!! A big arguement starts up about the old e-mails sucking, because I didn't like the 100th e-mail?! God... Anyway, You got me there, JestersOfTheMoon, Nothing is worse than tapeleg. (Sorry Princess.) Although if it were on a poll (as in "how much did you like tapeleg"), I would vote for "Some kinda joke." NOT "Worst of all time" like flashback. In my book, "Some kinda joke" is worse than "worst of all time." So this arguement is over. Next arguement: below the line.

Hey, moron, do I have to get on to you like I did Shelby? If you really think it sucked, tell what you expected it to be like. And don't go saying "I had no predictons" because that's just gay. -CE5

...Oh. Man. You did NOT just say that. *Takes out an uzi and a grenade lanucher* Why don't you say that again, craphead. I didn't hear you. *Loads his guns*

I'm gonna go start a betting pool on how fast CE5's gonna get banned for that last comment. And CE5... just cool it. You don't have to get on the case of everbody that didn't like the 100th email as much as you get on the case of everybody else and random namecalling doesn't lengthen your stay here. -Warmaster129

Im right about whatever this argument is about. - SephirothBadRel