If you came here from the polls, you're looking for This
OK, this is JestersOfTheMoon, and I'm gonna do emails for the other characters. The best thing is, everything gets answered! If you want to do them, go to Tryouts. If you want, you can see the History. So, go and ask away!
If there's no name, I, JestersOfTheMoon, shall do them.
Also, this is a FAN page, so don't change what any of the answerers wrote!

Okay, I'm done. Post your questions.

Why are you all so friggin selfish why cant everyone work on everything? seriously if its supposed to be an online equal society, then there should not be a monarch for anything. I think we should have a poll or something. I mean if you know how you want your email to be answered by yourself because you know how it'll turn out funniest, it should be so. If my pointhas been unclear, its simply let anyone do an email on any charachter, they can just take credit for that single one.-SephirothBadRel

Perfect question, and I hope someone answers it. Jack Selby

Look in the polls, and for lazy people: WikiPolls

Thank God. -SephirothBadRel

I'm a bit confused, if we make an email, do we have to answer it? or another one? Ollie Raiden

Wrong. The person that runs the page answers them. -- JestersOfTheMoon

When I get one I want it like SB emails. You guys post questions up there, and I answer them. -- AgentNine

You want one? OK, I've got a new system to make this grow and prosper again! Tryouts -- JestersOfTheMoon

Mr. Religion, please, calm down. It's not that big of a deal. - FireBird

Am I allowed to start a Trogdor other character email? - Da Bee

No, It's in OtherOther Email. - CE1

When is someone going to check the tryouts? - A rather ticked off bee

JestersOfTheMoon is gone, so there's no one to check them. Is there a second-in-command or something to replace him? -A questionable Shopiom

HAHHHHH! I have returned! -- Jesty

It's okay if I email myself, right? -Ingiald

Yeah. Do whatever you want, as long as they're your e-mails. -Shoppy