Welcome To LordKarkonland

myid.gif This guy actually does look like me.You may have to refresh a bit to see the picture.

                     AAAAA  AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
                         AA  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
                   AAAAAAsssssAAAAAssAAAAsAAAA                 UUUUU
                   AsssssaaBssAAsssBaaAAAssAAA               UUuuuuuUU
                   Assssa B BsssssB B asssssAAAA            UuuuuuuuuuU
                   AAAssaBBBBBsssBBBBBasssssssAA           UuuuuuuuuuuuU
                     Assa BBBsssssBBB asssssAAA           UuuuuuuuuuuuuuU
                     AAssaaBsssssssBaasssssAA             UuuuuuuuuuuuuuU
                      AAsssssaaaaaassssssAAA         AAAAUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuU
                       AAAAsssaaaassssssA      AAAAAAsssAUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuU
                    AHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA       UuuuuuuuuuuuuuU
                   AAHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHA               UuuuuuuuuuuuuuU
                   AHHHHHHHAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHA                UuuuuuuuuuuuU
                   AHHHHHHAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHA                 UuuuuuuuuuU
                   AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHA                  UUuuuuuUU
                  AAssssssssAAHHHHHHHHHHHHA                    UUUUU
                          AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A
                      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA    AAHHHHHA
                         AAHHHHHHHHHA        AAAAAAA

[go to 8-bit theatre today!]

Name Reason

Hey, Yo. Name's Karkon. Lord Karkon. It comes from a comic series that I am writing, "The Ninja Samuraaaai". He suffers from man-made form of schizophrenia, so he is a Russian mad scientist (Dr. Karkon)/Ninja (Lao-zae)/Samurai (Da-Qing)/Schoolboy (Comper Yitregah)/Novel author (Leogard Mc Filtiworth). But enough about him. My real name is ****** *******.

Homestar Status

I am a slave to StrongBadEmails, pretty much. I have seen everything on the site about 80 times. I am so glad to have found a site where my opinions can be said.

Future Books

Future books that you might see some day, written by me
  1. Ninja Samuraaaai (comic)
  2. Legacy of Sbni (series)
  • Moona
  • Chayn's Return
  • Drasil's Deliverance
3. Heir of Sbni (series)
  • Takken and Time [For a prototype, click here]
  • Vampon
  • The Otherealm

Cool Icons

some cool buddy icons!

badassbuddy_com-gohan.gif badassbuddy_com-vegeta3.gif badassbuddy_com-perfectcel.gif badassbuddy_com-goku2.gif

Decemberween Carol

I wrote a screenplay for a made-up decemberween special, WikiFanStuff/ADecemberweenCarol {Work in progress}. Post if you like it!


If you have any comments, say them below the dotted line.

*Hey. You are awesome -Someone who is definently not Lord Karkon

Why are you a slave? Start your own regime to take over the world.
- Mysterious-Stranger

Thaaaats it, you're on The List -- Dark Lord Karkon



Woah. Something weird just happened. I did a google search for "Lord Karkon", and I found out that in spanish, Lord Voldemort is named Lord Karkon!!! WEIRD!!! -Lord Karkon

That is weird. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Ok now Lord Karkon is a creative name. I mean you could all learn a lesson from Mr. Karkon here. I mean some of the names you people come up with are totally unoriginal. Now I'm not naming names here, I'm just saying that there could be more creativity here. I have no idea what CE5 is supposed to stand for. Actaully I do but still. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Funny/Weird Quotes

'"So... you're the gobblers. And that stands for global... oblation... board... blers. Nice imagination, Mrs. Coulter."' -Dark Antorek, remarking upon "The Golden Compass"

'"My dad... well, I can't talk about it. His ... is hard to talk about... I think you'll laugh..."'
'"Just say it! What, did he die in a freak gumball or something?"'
'"How did you guess?"' -Gurrythemew talking to Apiercol


I even created a security system: You copy my ideas or be a Wiki Troll, I introduce you to my bestest friend: Security Officer #1!
note: scary alien mewtwo curtesy of [dragonfree]




These nicknames are what I will refer to people as sometimes:

Listen, who do you think you are? DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON MY TITLE LIST! This means (Wikiwar)?! Strongrad

Just be quiet, Strongrad. You have made a few errors:
  1. The war no longer exists.
  2. You put insufficient parenthesis around wikiwar.
  3. This wiki is meant for public access, the only page you could even 'own' is your UserSpace.
PS: I think I am Lord Karkon. --Lord Karkon

Hey I don't like messin with your userspace, but those links can't stay up, the pages got deleted by Joey and Jones. AgentSeethroo

Listen Karkon I'm so sorry about the way Strongrad acted. My lackey and I are new here and want to make a difference here. Unfornately my friend always jumps at any small insult he recieves. I truly hope we can put this small ordeal behind us and that there will be no more deleting of my Wikistuff -Stevebad

Yeah, but I still have a grudge against you guys. I think that it must be some kind of neurosis (I read about neurosi in a psychology book), but I have some kind of unexplained dislike regarding your lackey and you. Confusedly yours, Lord Karkon

Thou hast provene thyself worthey, but thine lackey muste stille proveth himself. --Lord Karkon

My Pictures

These are some of my 'homemade' pictures.

chaoskarkonanimated.gif -I wish I had this guy as a pet.
My%20Avatar.bmp -I wish this was my avatar in [GunBound].

My Master

I am a follower of DarkLordNache. I help him do EVILS! From this point forward my evil servant ( Dark Lord Karkon ) voice will look like this.
(This Point)

Tech Support

If the any pictures I have do not work, just go to Edit This Document and go to the direct source of the pictures.

Look, I know a little german, and i know what your email to sb's mom really said. If you are angry with stevebad or me, i suggest you let it go before you wind up banned from this wiki. Strongrad

I have good reason to be angry with you. You are bringing ruination to this Wiki. I will not stand by while you plunge this Wiki into Darwinian thought. Fine, tell JoeyDay that you don't like that I don't like you and won't pretend not to. He will not ban me for disliking you anymore than I could get him to ban Mysterious Stranger for having a security device. Yours seriously, Lord Karkon.

HUH! Everything i do on this site is how it is supposed to be, about Homestar Runner. Strongrad

(does a search for strongrad)
Do one yourself and I've proven my point. -- JestersOfTheMoon

Finally, my torment is over. My parents banned me from this wiki for 2 weeks because they thought I was spending too much time on it, but now I'M FINALLY FREE! --Lord Karkon

Karky, how would you like to be my lackey? Come on, I'll pay you. First of all: Because you are awesome. Second of all: You got The Cheat and I got Strong Bad (on the quiz 2) --AgentNine

Lord Karkon, I just happened to noticed that you changed about four or five links from Lord Karkon to "Karkon Redeemed". What's up with that? Just in case you didn't know, you cannot have two usernames. -- Tom

LK, I am leaving indefinately this time.
- The Mysterious Shamus

Nice icons Lord Karkon- Homestarball Z