Uhhhh.... pie.


Are you a.k.a. War129?

Yup. I almost always go as Warmaster129 on the net, with the occasional variation (Warmaster128, Warmaster130, War129, etc.). I used the name Warmaster the first time I ever used a name on the net and the number evolved after a while from 64 to 128 to 129... Kinda a long story. -Warmaster129

Hey, I really want to know, who excactly are you? -CE5

Hey... most of you should put a link to your username when you leave a message, like this (just edit this page to see how) Comanche

And some of you should put your name on the WikiUsers Page.

Of course we know how, but after a while it gets annoying to always have to do that. -War129

Anyway as to who I am (for CE5), I'm 13, my birthday is May 8th, and I live in Wichita, Kansas. -War129

I got a question: How do I save a Homestar Runner toon to my computer?
Find a link to the .swf file, right-click the link and select save target as. For doing that on the wiki, just go for the fullscreen links, or just copy the existing link and make a fullscreen link by changing html to swf. -War129

Hey, why do you feel that Trivia Time should not be added to the gang? -CE5

It just seems like they've pretty much canceled him as a character, and the last time they made a full-blown primary character was sbemail #2. They've already incorporated his image into Homestar's jar... thing and when you think about it, how interesting of a character would Trivia Time be? -War129

I'm appalled on your unkindness for Smooth Criminal. I think you get 1st place for biggest jerk. And I mean that. You just don't tell people their website is stupid. - FireBird

Thanks man :D Smooth Crimnal

Warmaster, why do you care how many edits I have anyway?!?1!??!?!!--seebkmlb

I don't care. I was simply curious. -War129

Whoa, I definatly don't think War gets the non-pizza-trophey for biggest jerk. If I remember correctly, it was CE5 who was definatly the biggest jerk around here (but I concur, I havn't been here and CE5 might'ive gotten a lot nicer...).


He hasn't gotten nicer (See DarkLordNache/Smitting List) but it's up to the reader to decide. I could have been much less destructive in my criticism of Smooth's site (Yes, I was being a big jerk at the time). -War129

Hey Warmaster, I have a question. How many Homsars does it take to change a lightbulb? - SephirothBadRel

Update: The conversations on the Smitting List have been baleeted. Nevermind now, but don't think the evidence is gone. -War129

Warmaster, I have noticed that you use "War129" much more frequently than you do "Warmaster129". Thus, I changed all the links to that UserSpace. Current policy states that one may not have any aliases, so I'd suggest that you change your username to "War129" and transfer everything from this page to that page. Then I will go back and change the WikiUsers and (alphabetical sort thereof)? to reflect the change. Please respond promptly and tell me whether you want to keep your current name and use ((Warmaster129|War129)) when responding as War129, or instead keep your current name. If you wish to keep your current name, every page now linking to War129 will have to be changed to one linking to Warmaster129. Thank you for your consideration. - Jweb Guru

I was mostly using the Warmaster129|War129 but I'll just switch it here now.

I have an unhealthy obsession with pie. AwesomeGuy