Hey guys, I be Gemini.

My creations:
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Strong Bad Email Transcripts:
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  6. Anything
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  13. Autobiography
  14. The Show
  15. Unused Emails
  16. English Paper
  17. Fingers
  18. Interview
  19. Monster Truck
  20. Huttah!
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  22. Current Status
  23. Morning Routine
  24. Ghosts
  25. Techno
  26. Lures & Jigs
  27. Little Questions
  28. Action Figure
  29. Invisibility

I'm a 19-year-old college student in the South Seattle area in Washington state. I study music and drama, since that's the sort of stuff I want to do with my life. I also write, and I'm an avid StarCraft player; I've even made some rather popular campaigns for them, if you're in the StarCraft campaigning community, like [Life of a Marine].

I don't remember where I was first introduced to H*R.com, but it's one of the best websites ever. It's right up there with [Something Awful], [General Mayhem], and [the QDB].

If you want to chat, my AIM screenname is Gemini4t.