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The Big Knife? Oh yes, my normal alias is Blade, however I thought this one would be more suitable ^.~
a> I think that's how you say that.

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I apologize for a number of broken images on some pages. I was hosting a number of images before my service shut down on me. I'll try to make new ones and out them up on another server soon.

Some random html documents:


[Run, Pom Pom]
[Homestar-Realistic mirror of ''A Jumping Jack Contest'']
[Homestar-Realistic mirror of ''A Marshmallow's Last Stand'']
Sorry about the popups... it's what makes these difference, of course. I'll switch to my ad-free webspace once it gets back online.

But enough about me. Lets see,

I'm fourteen.

I enjoy any of the following music:
Punk from the 80's (X, Ramones, Misfits)
Anything else from before (Hendrix, Marley, Bowie)
British (Sex Pistols, Clash,)
Australian (Jet)
My favourite is Nirvana. Kurt is a god. Have you read his writings? Pretty intense.

I'm way too hard on those who haven't discovered maturity, and yet my favourite show is South Park.

I'm a Mac person! My life is based around my [eMac ATI graphics] Did I mention I'm into computers, or have you just already figured it out yourself? =P

Currently I sport a red mowhawk. I'll post a picture soon, If you'd like.

I sport all black clothing. As I find myslef answering over and over, I'm not a goth. Don't ask. I don't know why anyone would think I worship a devil and hate life just because I think the color black looks good. _

I'm one of those people who automatically rejects rules. This is something I find very troublesome about myself... But oh well.

On the same note, I dislike organised sports, so I agressive in-line skate. (skateboarding is way overused. I Iike being a real individual.'')

So I've taken a couple of those Which Character are You? quizzes. [Quiz 1] [Quiz 2] [Quiz 3]
Try and guess which character I got for all three of them!
(If you want to tell me your guess, post it under comments)

Comments? Comment! Or, IM me at GarconDansLeNoir, I'm sure we'd make good friends =).

Skateboarding is awesome!!!! although i suck. -Arro

That's cool. I have nothing against skateboarding, It's just there are like 12 people in my grade who still talk about themsleves as being punk skateboarders, which is the most annoying thing! Augh! *Gets fly-swatter*

Someone else who has a mac. Finally!--bkmlb

Yeah! You'd think they'd be more popular, wouldn't you?

Yeah! They're better computers than Windows, but no one really likes Macs--bkmlb

Oh my god! You like the Ramones!!?? Me tooooo!! They are like my favourite band!! Wow that's cool. I like to Skateboard but I hate punks. (no offence anyone) Bob Marley is way cool aswell. You are way cool Big Knife. - M.J

Haha thanks, you definately are too, definately. Got a screen name?

Hmmmmm Maybe I do. Are you with Hotmail?
I did those character tests and I got homestar with all of them. - M.J

Nice. But no, I don't have Hotmail... sorry.

80s punk is friggin' awsome! Bob Marley rules.

Yeah! Woo!

Take a guess at my favorite 80's punk band.- SephirothBadReligion

We don't need to. It's on your userpage! - DarkLordNache

I know! Bad Religeon right?!

WOO! Bad Religion is really cool. I also like Lagwagon, NOFX, Ramones and Bodyjar.
Pretty much any band from the Tony Hawks games. - M.J

Yeah. You gotta love the THPS games. The new one has a huge soundtrack, ont that bad, I guess.

Anyone listen to black flag or dead kennedys if we're on the subject? coolest bands EVER. hahaha i know what you mean about "punk skateboarders" people that wear anarchy symbols and all that when they don't even know what any of it is. - sid_hoffman

Ha ha! Exactly! Thank you!!
For anyone with the afformentioned traits, anarchy means there is no law... no police... no regulations what_so_ever. Now I supposes it's a good idea in theory, but for it to work everyone would have to act like perfect little angels. (I'm sure it's anarchy in heaven, but down here, society can't function.) Would you want to live in a place where it would be no power over whether someone was allowed to end you life and take your money because they wanted to?

Awesome, Nirvana is my favorite band too!-DaChazman

Sweet. Have you read the Kurt Cobaine diary thing?

Oh, and thank you to whoever put an exclamation point before me screenname, it was bugging me that it thought it was a wikipage, and I didn't know how to use an exclamation point.

Hey, anyone feel like posting?

Yes, I do. How did you make a link to all your posts? DeLoreanz1

Simple. Search for DeLoreanz1 below, then copy the URL of the page it take you to. Paste it onto youruserspace, and then when someone clicks the link, it does a search for your name on all the pages.

Thank you, TheBigKnife. By the way, the spelling is suitable, and I can't help saying because I'm a perfectionist. DeLoreanz1

Thanks .. I realy am a tearrible spellir.

Dum dee dum dum dum. I was tired of that being the last post on my page.

I'll make a new last post for you. - M.J

I here by declare this a new post on TBK's userspace.
Rubik Cubes suck. - M.J