Hey, I live in a small city in Virginia, and think this wiki rules! I've only been a fan of homestarrunner.com since StrongbadEmail#85, but now I'm one of it's biggest fans. My two most dissapointing things that happened on the website where The 100th Email (In the wiki poll, I was the one that said it was 'bad'), and when the Brother Chaps didn't put a Decemberween cartoon this year.
(This is a note to anyone who insults me. I will show no crap in insulting you back)

Hey, what are you talking about, crap for brains? The 100th e-mail rocked. I'm sorry that you're too stupid to see that. Also, TBC didn't put a Winter cartoon up because it was there vacation time and they had already done a Thanksgiving e-mail. -CE5

Oh, now your calling me stupid? The only person stupid around here is you for liking the 100th email- Jack Selby

Hey, what was so bad in the 100th email? Tell why do you hate it sooo much?!?!?!

What was so good about it?- Jack Selby

Also, at the time I wrote it, I didn't know why The Brother Chaps didn't put a Decemberween cartoon, I just knew they didn't have one up.- Jack Selby

Didn't the lack of Decemberween toon have to do with Matt's wedding? --Upsilon

Matt got married? I am so jealous. - M.J

Listen, guys. I thought the One Hundredth Email was among the most hilarious cartoons on the site, but I'm not going to champion my cause as though I were a Christian messenger of Homestar Runner crusading against the Turks (played by Jack Selby). The Pumpkinheaded King has actually produced reasons why he doesn't like the email. None of you have. It's okay for you to believe that the email was amazing, but don't tell people that they are stupid because they didn't find it so great. Mr. Selby is right. Everyone here needs to cool down and stop trying to think of ways to insult people over one trivial email. Respect is a much better environment to work in. Besides, both parties love Homestar Runner. Isn't that enough? It really does bring to mind the thousands of years of fighting between Christians, Jews, and Muslims because they interpret the same holy text a bit differently. - J. W. Guru

What's wrong with Homestar? Do you not like him because he's stupid? That's what makes him funny.--(long name)?

I don't like Homestar because he gets really annoying after a while. Jack Selby

...Okay, why doesn't this stop? It's opinion. Pretty much everything both of you have been saying is an opinion of one sort or another. Obviously CE5 is determined to turn you over to his side. CE5, I have some advice for you. In a debate, if you want someone else to agree with you, do not continually insult and be rude to them. Jack, personal comments are a logical fallacy, and I'd suggest that you firmly and permanently change the subject, or at least move it to another page. It's really progressed beyond the area of rational debate by this point. Because each of us differs in the standards that he or she uses to determine the quality of a Strong Bad Email, neither of you are likely - ever - to change the mind of the other. There's not even any reason to. So... that's the end. If this continues I'm resolved not to read or comment further, because I feel I've done my duty by this point, and if I've simultaneously failed... too bad. - Jweb Guru

I was about to say something similar to that. But CE5, stop criticizing me for every little thing that I either do wrong or that you dissagree with. I mean come on, your the only person that would get mad at me because I capatalized the word 'Him' at the end of a sentence. This is a message to every single person on the Homestarrunner wiki. Don't get mad and insult me for my OWN opinions, and I won't be as mean. Jack Selby

Hmm, this seems like as good a place as any to insert my favorite etiquette quote: Remember, people can't see you or know for sure your mood. Irony isn't always obvious, and blunt, raw text can easily appear rude. You also might want to check out the page on how to [work towards agreement] in the [Wikiquette page] of the [WikiCivics] section of [WikiPedia]. Mmm... etiquette. -- Tom

Oy. You should really clean this userspace up.

Sorry, that aint gonna happen anytime soon. Jack Selby

Alright, I'll delete some of the things on this, but not all of them. Jack Selby