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Hewwo! I'm James, and I am a Homestar Runner fan. (Crowd: "Hi James...")
I was first introduced to it by a friend, Nathan. He now regrets doing so thoroughly. ;-D
I according to a test, I am most like Homestar Runner, but I like to think my IQ is just a *bit* higher... lol.

You can visit my website here:

An idea: I'm thinking of setting up a little website with the most recent homestarrunner toons & stuff for people who can't get to the real thing. is there any intrest?

I'm interested!!! I can't see H* at work.

Ok, watch for an update! :-)
Yeah!!! It is now up, slow as crap & only has the strongbad in jail toon, but it's there!

  • New***
I got my own Wiki!
It's um... crappy.
It has no topic. But it's a wiki! wooho!

  • EDIT!***
My wiki is crap! I don't like it anymore! wohoo!
right now i'm using the personal wiki server, avalable at
sorry, it's not online. yet.

A personal wiki is fun, but not as fun as a public one. My *NEW* just set up, Zwiki awaits visitors. (i'll get a better address)

My wiki ( )
finaly has a mission in life. Presenting: the first StarCraftWiki!
Drop by and visit it! Please?


SB emails I have sent in.


Dear Strong Bad,

One of my friends needs a girlfriend. Do you have a sister?

- James
Lawrenceville, Ga


Dear Strong Bad,
Please explain the importance of tofu in a balanced diet.

Your loyal fan,
James D.
Lawrenceville, GA

Sheep Tipping

Dear Strong Bad,
As you know, the King of Town has a large flock of sheep. They just stand around all day and eat grass. Why dont you add a little excitement to thier lives by slipping out there and doing some sheep tipping

Your fan,

James' Mini Message Board

(feel free to post a message here)

Yo James I'm the biggest The cheat fan-Scooter72
Scooter72: How big a fan are you? Have you seen the "The Cheat" Buddy icons for aim? (i normaly hate that site cuz of all the sick buddy icons, but the homestarrunner ones are pretty good) -JamesGecko

So where's this 'test'??LordHomsar

I posted it one the links page ages ago. is it still there?

Yo, Mr. Lizard. just wanted to say I really dig how you straight up said what you believe on your website.
You don't see that much nowadays.
Keep it up, you. AgentSeethroo

Hello Mr. Wizard, your mirror is unnaccessable from my school. Thanks for trying though.

Hmmm. stupid freewebs. i've gotta find a better host with major bandwith.

Hi James.- SBZ22

Hey, James, you say you live in Georgia. Where excactly in Georgia? -CE5

Hey, I remember you! - fireBird

Hey, all. I live in Lawrencevill Ga. Lol, you may remember me, fireBird, but I don't remember you... a little more detail please? -JamesGecko

I was the 32 WikiUser?, so maybe you "left" before I came. Anydangway, I be FireBird. Look at my userspace for information (alot) for me. (And, we don't words (if you could call them that) like "LOL" here.) - FireBird

Yeah, I think I remeber you. I mostly stopped being as active as I used to be because there were so many active people that there was nothing really useful I could do... btw, you might not "don't words like 'LOL'", but I do. And I will continue to use them and theres nothing you can do about it! Bwahahhahahah! jk. ;-) -JamesGecko

Hello Guys! You guys are so cool! Why won't you contact me on AIM sometime... Thats if Only you view my profile. I like strong Bad and bananas. I eat a lot of bananas. Homesar Wannabe

Hey, James, you should go here. There's some cool 3-D pictures there! -Shopiom