Marzipan, Marzipan! Whattyawannamake? -Strong Sad (after a few heaping spoonfuls of Sanka)

Marzipan is Homestar Runner's girlfriend, although during the course of the website's running she's become more and more annoyed with her sweetheart. As Strong Bad says, she's a "dirty hippie without the dirt". She loves to eat tofu, she's a huge animal-rights activist, and she likes to sit outside and play songs about happiness with her guitar, Carol. Marzipan looks a lot like a living broomstick, with a long thin head and a bulbous purple dress with orange baubles around it. It's also a little known fact that the King of Town is her father. Her answering machine is a target of prankishness from Strong Bad and others, as well as a source of amusement for visitors to the site. Marzipan is the only character voiced by the talented Missy Palmer, as well as the only girl on the site.
Her Halloween costumes over the years were Jeanie, Joey Ramone, Left Eye Lopez, and[The Log Lady]

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Greeting from Her Character Video

Marzipan: Hi, I'm Marzipan, and this is my guitar Carol. Say hi, Carol. Ooh, E scale. Nice choice. When I'm not rockin' out, I dig in my garden and eat. I'm a fiercely independent woman, and I'm fiercely independent about the soy products I choose. Homestar Runner and I are one hot item when I say we are. And today we are.
Homestar: Yay!
Marzipan: Well, I like baby animals, and cats and dogs. But it makes me sad to see cats and dogs in the same room together. Bye, I'm off to the Chinchilla protest.
Homestar: Boo!
(Sometimes Marzipan will say "And today we are not." Instead. Then Homestar will say "Boo" instead of "Yay", and "Yay" instead of "Boo" at the end.)

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