Orion here. Hello. I am12 yrs old, but no matter what Sunythehamstar says, i'm still smarter than 50% of you guys, about half. I am a long time watcher first time writer on this site. I am a huge fan of Homestarrunner.com, Yu-gi-oh, Beyblades, pokemon, and sports (go Seahawks!). I also like talkingto my friends on the phone (as shown in the REAL picture, of me,not of somebody else, that might look like me, but they aren't me, even though they look like me). My email is goku9891@yahoo.com so send me an email if you want. My Yahoo! ID is goku9891, send me an IM if you want. OK if you are an AOL person my Username is... well... alakazam9891. My favorite emails by far right now is Kids Book and Friends.
If you wanna write somethin about/to me, besides Sunnythehamstar, feel free here. (Just kiddin Ben ;) )

You're the 3rd (incuding me) sports fan on this website. Finally!--bkmlb

Well, i like sports, so I geuss I am #4! --TzaMan