You can now access the new wiki forum at []. This new forum will replace the WikiChat and WikiPolls areas of the site. Feel free to register a username (you should probably make it the same as or similar to your wiki username -- please don't use a character's name, like Homestar or Strong Bad or *ahem* Homsar) and start posting. This page (and all sub-pages) should eventually be deleted. There's a lot of good stuff in here, though, so I'm not sure how long we should leave it up. Thanks. --JoeyDay (amended by ij)

I think some of the stuff should stay. The GTKY section is kind of nice (and usefull too in some cases). Could we make that a new "Getting To Know You" page of its own?
-The Brothers E

I agree! See My commennts Here -Fishie

Welcome to WikiChat!

This is the place to talk about anything and everything, particularly chatter that doesn't belong on informational pages. Here's how it works:

To create a new chat topic, pick the category below that you think matches your topic the best and add your topic to the top of the category. The name of the topic should be a WikiWord that starts with a / -- if you need to put your link in ( ( ) )s, make sure the / is inside the parentheses. Also, make your topic name something sensible and obvious so people know what to expect just by reading the title.

So, when a topic becomes old and moldy, when no one is updating it anymore? What shall we do with it? Discuss

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Toons & Emails

Having directly to do with toons or emails.

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Talk about particular characters.

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Other H*R Stuff

Stuff that's directly related to H*R but doesn't fit above (or below).

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Stuff pertaining to this Wiki, e.g. organization, formatting.

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How to?

How do I do X? Which button does Y?

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Other Stuff

Doesn't fit in any of the above categories.

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