Oh, Hello.
Here's my [Website]. It's pretty crummy. And here's my [Blog]. It's pretty stupid.

If you need any contact information, I probably won't give it to you. (Security). Feel free to ask anything here, though. I'll answer as soon as I can.

My favorite e-mail is Dangeresque 3. Funny stuff.
My favorite toon is Teen Girl Squad Issue Two. I laughed out loud after I've seen it about 15,000 times.

I've only done one Transcript, The Best Decemberween Ever! I think I did a fairly good job on it.

For more personal matters, my favorite movie(s) would have to be The Lord of The Rings trilogy. My favorite book would have to be the same - The Hobbit, along with all The Lord of The Rings. My favorite computer game is Myst III: Exile, and my favorite video game is The Simpsons: Hit and Run. My favorite T.V. show, by a landslide, is The Simpsons. I'm a Guitarist, drummer, pianist, cartoonist, and another one of those annoying grammer whackoists.

If you need anything else, or just feeling like chatting or whatever, drop acomment anytime.