Okay, so this is a museum type page featuring tired old WikiPolls. This is where they end up after they are resolved. We keep them just to look at, so don't vote on them anymore and stay behind the velvet rope. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the tour guide.

Tour Guide: Greetings WikiUser! My name is Tom, and today I am happy to be your tour guide. Please follow me on this trip down memory lane...

{WikiUser enters a darkened room, following the path of the guide.}

Tom: And now, on your left, is a classic poll. {A spotlight comes on to highlight the poll. It seems a bit musty.} It was made to settle a dispute over a transcript wording. As you can see, "Yeah, I know. Is it?" won.

In Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon, what does Homestar say in response to Marzipan when she asks, "Homestar, did you know that crime is on the rise?"
"Yeah, no. Is it?" - Tom, Gemini, Heir_of_Lindeen, StrongBadZone22, ninjaman, PrincessofStrongBadia, Jack Selby
"Yeah, I know. Is it?" - BlinkDragonman, Poot Slap, CE5, DanielLC, Upsilon, War129, EboMike, MoogleMaster?, SibbieSong, "Douglas", Arrohed Aria, JamesGecko, Shadow00, Stu, TallAndMerciless, Mechafox
Listen to it [here] or with some more context [here].

Tom: I actually set that one up thinking that "Yeah, no. Is it?" would be an easy win, but I guess I was wrong. Or people just didn't bother to listen to the .wav files I provided.

{WikiUser's attention is now brought over to another exhibit.}

Tom: And now, on your right, is a good example of a "Wiki Decision Poll." This one settled the hotly debated topic of linking in transcripts. I also happend to set this on up myself, way back when Gemini has just about finished writing all the transcripts.

Should each and every time a character's name is mentioned in a transcript, their name be linked to their respecting Wiki page? Please add your username.
Yes - Gemini, Upsilon, SibbieSong, bkmlb
No - Tom, InterruptorJones, BlinkDragonman, ImitationChocolate, AgentSeethroo, StrongBadZone22, The Brothers E, Comanche, Arrohed Aria, liato, Agent, War129, Stu
Only the first time the character's name is mentioned - Rainer, DanielLC, hehehomestar, Mechafox, 00Behave, PrincessofStrongBadia

Tom: If you look closely at this one, you'll notice that someone managed to vote twice. This is because they voted the second time under an alias, which went unnoticed until they got rid of that alias and changed it to their full UserName. Their second vote has been changed back to the alias, and will remain preserved here as that alias because it stood for so long. If you are really interested in that poll, you can check out what comments users made about how they voted in WikiPolls/TranscriptLinks. A fine example of some hearty discussion.

{WikiUser now sees a grouping of two polls.}

Tom: These polls were started by JoeyDay when we started having bandwidth issues and needed to move to a new server. Joey left the following note when he took them down:

These two polls are done. We had a lot of people give their votes, and, in accordance with your decision, I've registered the domain: [hrwiki.org]. I'm working with a friend of mine to get affordable hosting with a great deal of bandwidth. I'll keep you posted. I think I'm going to just move the wiki over there right away. We'll wait to switch to [Twiki] until I have more time over the summer. --JoeyDay

Which domain name would you most prefer for when we move to our own server? Please add your username.
www.homestarrunnerwiki.com - SibbieSong, bkmlb
www.homestarwiki.com - Poot Slap
www.hsrwiki.com - Rainer
www.hrwiki.com - Tom, JoeyDay, Gemini, InterruptorJones, ImitationChocolate, Heir_of_Lindeen, Mysterious-Stranger, The Brothers E, El Zilcho, FireBird, Comanche, Arrohed Aria, BlinkDragonman, liato, JamesGecko, Jack Selby, AgentSeethroo, War129, Another Fan, StrongBadZone22, hehehomestar, Stu, Mechafox, PrincessofStrongBadia, me, crisw

The above names are available with any extension. Which one would you prefer? Please add your username.
.com - Rainer, The Brothers E, El Zilcho, liato, Jack Selby, AgentSeethroo, War129, MoogleMaster?
.net - SibbieSong, JamesGecko
.org - JoeyDay, InterruptorJones, ImitationChocolate, Heir_of_Lindeen, Gemini, Tom, FireBird, Comanche, Arrohed Aria, BlinkDragonman, StrongBadZone22, Mechafox, PrincessofStrongBadia
I don't care - Stu, crisw

Tom: They were both discussed at length in WikiIdeas/NewSite.

{WikiUser sees a newer exhibit ahead.}

Tom: Now, we have come to another "Wiki Decision Poll." This one was about whether certain pages of the Wiki should be locked or not.

Does anyone object to the admins keeping certain pages locked? Please add your username.
"Lock as many pages as you want. I don't care." -
"It's alright with me as long as it's only a few." - The Brothers E, Comanche, CE5, Gemini, Upsilon, DanielLC, War129, EboMike, Stu, JoeyDay, AgentSeethroo
"Don't lock any, it's not in the true wiki spirit!" - FireBird, SephirothBadRel, Lord Karkon, InterruptorJones, Arrohed Aria, Tom, AgentSeethroo, Mechafox, PrincessofStrongBadia, Jack Selby, DarkLordNache, FancyMan, TubularLuggage

Tom: This poll was discussed in WikiPolls/LockedPages, and will most likely be a hot topic for a while.

{WikiUser follows Tom into another room, where the lights are on and a souvenir shop is in the corner next to the exit.}

Tom: Well that's all we have as of today. Be sure to stop by soon to check for more!

I guess we can put comments down here. Do we really need to have a tour guide? I mean, it adds to the neatness and all, but once there's more in here it's all gonna have to be removed if Tom gets tired of doing it. -War129

Nah, it rocks. leave it. if Tom gets tired of doin it, I'd be happy to. I think it's an awesome touch. plus it makes sure you understand these are dead polls. AgentSeethroo

I just don't like the way it reflects the biases of the tour guide. You can see that happening on the 'Yeah, I know. Is it?' poll. -War129

What's wrong with the guide having an opinion? His opinion didn't affect mine. I still think it's "yeah, I know. Is it?" AgentSeethroo

Hey, Tom, I did listen to those little recordings. It did say "Yeah, I know".

I still think it's "Yeah, no. Is it?" because th' way H*R says it as he looks around makes it look like he's indecisive.--TubularLuggage

The issue is essentially resolved with the recently added footnote in the cartoon's transcript. You needn't continue complaining about it. - Jweb Guru

ARRG! He was not "indecisive" he was just doing a double take! Watch him while he and PomPom are looking for the Poopsmith and he'll do it again. You just twist it to seem that it's shaking his head to back up your poor hearing. Besides, Tom if I remember correctly, I created that poll. -CE5

CE5, not only has the issue been resolved, but it was decided in your favor. You recently asked others to stop arguing with your obvious correctness. I'm not going to state my opinion on the affair, because it's really irrelevant, but... it's over. The footnote was intended as a way of satisfying both parties, not the spark to light the fire once more. Why not just forget about it? And I'm not just speaking of CE5, I'm speaking of all the people who felt the need to comment on the page just below the footnote. It makes it almost not worth it... - Jweb 'Tired of being the Mediator' Guru

I still like this page. Agent Likey!