Welcome to the home of The Friggin Cheat, super Strong Bad fan!

I am 12 years old and my birthday is 12/3

FaHORDlinggrADS is my older brother. He is 14 as of 5/19/04

My current interests are (duh) (also duh)
Xiaolin Showdown
Bonus Stage and High Score

Keep your comments below the line please

Aw man! You stole my old idea for a userspace! Welcome to the Wiki! Make yourself at home!
-The Brothers E

Enjoy resting in our couches. We call them WikiChat. -- JestersOfTheMoon

And enjoy the night partys!-LimoZeener

You claim to be a super Strong Bad fan? Clearly you have not met da princess. Anyways, I be the Dark Grapefruit. Have a cookie. Have some fun.

Do you like Doritos? TM- SBZ22

If your The Friggin Cheat, why are you a super Strong Bad fan? - FireBird

I am a super Strong Bad because The Cheat is Strong Bad's lackey. Anyway I could not think of a name to use involving the words Strong and Bad.