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Anti-Sheep Comments

Do you like to eat sheep. - Heir_of_Lindeen
Only if they're dead.Comanche
So like lamb chops? - Heir_of_Lindeen
I've never tried them.Comanche
Neither have I, but I thought since you hate sheep so much you might want to display your hatred by eating them. Why do you hate sheep anyway? - Heir_of_Lindeen
Because everybody but me thinks they're so cutesy and perfect and fluffy.Comanche
Err... actually i think Neither is spelt Neither, not Niether.Comanche
Thanks, I should have caught that. - Heir_of_Lindeen
No he didn't, he has it spelled correctly. - Mysterious-Stranger
Er... that's because he already changed it. Comanche
Is sheep's wool flammable? - DarkLordNache
I think so, I'm not sure. Comanche
Well, only only one way to find out. - DarkLordNache
What is this anti-sheep business?? Sheep are freakin' awesome! -- AwesomeGuy

Other Comments

Oh yeah, how do you pronounce your username? - Heir_of_Lindeen
Koh-man-chee Comanche
Is that some Native American term? -CE5
No, I got it from the computer game "Command&Conquer:Generals", it's a combat helicopter. Comanche
But it does refer to a native american tribe, which is probably where they got the helicopter name from. -- DungeonGirl
Oh. What tribe? (I'm Canadian, so I don't know) Comanche
Well, the tribe is called Comanche. According to http://www.comanchelanguage.org/history.html they used to be all over the southwest plains of the U.S., but now their reservation is in Oklahoma. -- DungeonGirl
Thanks, I didn't know that. But shouldn't you put "U.S." instead of "US"? Comanche
I took a look at that site, and I noticed that an Apache (mentioned somewhere in there) is also a combat helicopter. I think it's the best in the U.S fleet. Comanche
Uh, Comanche, on another note, can I use your idea of a counter on my page? -FancyMan
Sure, I just did this because I don't have a real counter. Co
What is your SN in runescape? --Lord Karkon and his friend, Kaz (Mine is chaosmew, his is abcdefghiu)
How did you know I play [RuneScape]? My user is aznman77\2. the \ doesn't really matter, if you want to add me you could just use a space or _ Comanche
For anyone that plays [Subspace or Continuum], My username is CaptainRovin Comanche

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New Official Comanche By-Law!

Use of "leet"(whatever that is) launguage is stictly banned and anyone caught using it will be punished to the full extent of the law.

New Full Extent of the law

You will know as "The Leeter" or "Aforementioned Individiual" when spoken to by Comanche.