Hello, my name is Daniel, and I think my life can be summerized as:

More specifically, I memorized this in these sections:
3.14159265358979, 323, 84, 62, 64, 338, 327, 950288, 41, 971, 693993, and 75105

I cant remember how I memorized the first section. The second through seventh were from a paper with the first nine thousand nine hundred ninty-nine didgets of pi. The eighth was from a sheet they put up at school one day, mabey it was pi day (March 14th or 3/14) or someting. The ninth was from a card from a friend who knew more pi than I did. Finally, the rest were from a shirt he gave me.

That's Pi right?
Another Fan

Yes that is Pi. Mmmmmm, pie. - Heir_of_Lindeen