Yo! Sunnythehamstar here! I've been getting secrets off this site for some time, but now I've decided to try being an editor. Anyway, about myself... My name is Ben, i'm 13 years old, and I am the single biggest Strongsad fan in the UNIVERSE!!! I was going to buy myself a Strongsad t-shirt for christmas, but they took it off the store right before I could order it. (Grr....) So, if you see the official Strongsad T-shirt somewhere online, drop me an email, will ya? Actually, come to think of it my email's down (Which SUCKS 'cuz I can't email Strongsad!) So email my mom instead at (Mine is, but like I said It's not working) NEways, that's all for now, see yall later! Oh, and just so you know, my 2nd fave. character is The Sneak. Go The Sneak!

The Sneak and Strong Sad go together like chocolate ice cream and onions. Anyway, glad to see you're signed up to this site, Ben. Go vote in the polls, it's alot of fun.

Hoping you don't get shivved,

Hello!--(very long name)?

My names Ben too!--bkmlb

There used to be a Strong Sad shirt? GET ME ONE!! *drools* Dark Grapefruit