Proud recipient of more hate mail than any other Wiki user since 2004.

Hi, I'm Jordan. I live at Visit.

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The origin of the nickname:

In the StrongBadEmail/morning routine, Strong Bad keeps getting interrupted by Strong Sad, who keeps finding eggs in the couch. Strong Bad says to him, "thank you, interruptor Jones!" And the rest is history. (Now aren't you sorry you asked?)

Wiki pages I'm proud of:

Two Bookmarklets

Here are a couple bookmarklets that I made, they're largely untested and probably way buggy, but I find them useful and I hope you do too. To use them, copy and paste them in the Location/URL field of your browser's New Bookmark dialog.

The first one lets you skip straight from a Wiki page's History, Edit, or Preview page to the page itself:
javascript:if( >= 0) void(location.href = location.href.replace(/action=history&|action=edit&|action=save&/gi, ''));

The second one lets you skip straight from a page's History page to its Edit page:
javascript:if( >= 0) void(location.href = location.href.replace(/action=history&/gi, 'action=edit&'));

Tested and work in:
Microsoft's Internet Explorer Version: 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.030422-1633 -- Tom

Well, lookit that, a counter! (work in progress)

Interrupted counter.png times

The comments. The comments go here:

(New comments go at the bottom. Please leave your name, the date, and, if you're referring to a change/addition I made, please tell me what! Thanks.)

Hey Jones! Would you happen to have a bookmarklet to go straight to a document's edit page from the document itself. That would be a cool bookmarklet. ~Rainer~

Rainer, I started writing one, but it was a bit more complicated and I got too busy. If I have time I'll do one in a week or two. -- InterruptorJones

I was just checkin out [this site] (a 20X6 Homsar animation), and it says 20X6 Homsar: Interruptor Jones. Did you do it? Or is it some other person? - FireBird

I can answer that one. No. The biggest clue that it's not him is the fact that Interruptor is mispelled on that site. Don't feel silly though, because I asked the same exact thing. ~ AgentSeethroo

Well what do you know? It is. I'm a silly person. :) - FireBird

How do you make counters Mr Jones? - Da Bee

My counter is a really ugly PHP hack. I could send you the source, but unless you're good with PHP it won't do you any good. Sorry. -- InterruptorJones

[ce1: Your question has been moved to HelpDesk. -- InterruptorJones]

So, I.J., could you link a guide to PHP hacking? -No Loafing

Nelson, I believe the best place to start is the [documentation]. You might want to read through the whole thing a few times. -- Tom