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Heir_of_Lindeen> Hey Rainer, do you like sourdough? How about sheep?

Rainer> Sheep are pretty good ;).

wazup90210> LMAO Gee, now why in the world would anyone ever like sourdough?

Rainer> I don't know.

AgentSeethroo> mmm....sourdough sheep sammich. *drool*

Gemini> That sounds a-pretty-pretty good!

Rainer> It sounds stupid to me.

Heir_of_Lindeen> That reminds me. I'm hungry.

hehehomestar> I DONT LIKE FOOD ANYMORE, so im NOT hungry.

Guest> Are you a boy or girl?

Rainer> First of all, I am a boy. Secondly, the very person who asked 'Are you a boy or girl?' changed my description at the top of my userspace. I wouldn't do that if I were you, just because you have the ability to do anything you want to my userspace, doesn't mean you should. On a UserSpace, only add comments to the bottom of the page, not editing other people's comments or placing it somewhere else.

CE5> Are you doing the transcripts for all of the toons?

Rainer> No, I don't do transcripts, but I just move them to the right place.

M.J> Hey man, I hear you are Australian, do you live in Australia? I do.

Rainer> Yes I am.

M.J> YAY! what state? I'm in N.S.W, and I do believe that we are the only Aussies on this wiki so far. Woot! Well Cya later!

Rainer> VIC.

M.J> Nice. I was reading the other messages here, and was wondering what sourdough is.

Rainer> It's a type of bread, I think.

Crap> {Devours(I know I didn't spell that right.) the sourdough}