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This is my userspace, I'll do what I want thanks; I have a lot of updating to do, it just so happens.

So long as you are doing updates, that is fine. However, a simple check of the history of this page shows that on several occasions, you've merely bumped this page to the top of RecentChanges for the sole purpose of advertising your forum. This may be your userspace, but the RecentChanges page is not your personal advertisement service. We already have a quite active forum for discussing Homestar Runner anyway, promoting another one causes division. -- Gemini

Tell you what: You join my forum, X-Site's "fastest growing," and refer 2 friends, and I'll stop.

Or, tell you what: Stop arguing with an admin. And I checked your page. It's only the "fastest growing" because you JUST created it today and you've got what, 11 users? :P Anyway, like I said, you can plug it so long as you're making an actual page update, just stop with the page bumps. Here, I even kept the ad in the change summary. -- Gemini

Man, I've tried twice to put notes on this page, but I can't seem to keep up with you two. I don't like how this is going. First off, since when does being an admin mean that people can't argue with you? That's silly. Secondly, I don't think Mr. Milkman here is causing division. That's kind of harsh. He can have his own board and do whatever he wants over there. However, I agree that his bumping his UserSpace to the top of the RecentChanges page is in bad taste. I respectfully ask you, TehMilkman, to please stop. Thank you. -- Tom

w00t! Tom > Gemini. Hey Tom, I like you. It would be great to have someone like you on [my message board]!!! hehe. :) After all, you're one of the few people who realize it's actually "Yeah, I know. Is it?" --[TehMilkman]

Uh... okay. But your wrong about the last part there. You might want to check this. And your own comments page. But we are not starting that up again. I just wanted to clarify. -- Tom

Yeah, Milky, I was gonna point that out. You just contradicted yourself in the biggest way you ever could. But, if you wanna claim that it's, "Yeah, I know," then I'm fine with that, since it's right =P --HoD_Qheldar

Ooooh. I remembered erroneously then. Well in that case we should never speak again, and I hope you never join my forum. --[TehMilkman] :-P

LOL, that was very amusing