I am a recent Homestar Runner fan, who discovered the site through I think "Children's Book" is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, and I've also written a couple of H*R quizzes for, where I am an editor -the link for the "Homestar Runner" category is

I took your test and it said that The Cheat is owned by Strong Mad, which is not true, as StrongBadEmail/flashback shows. Strong Mad is just The Cheat's best buddy. -- Gemini

Actually, I know the quiz you're talking about, and I didn't write that one! Note that there are about 8 H*R quizzes; only two are mine- "Strong Bad Goes Intellectual" and "Homestar Runner Music Videos." Hopefully you submitted an error report on the quiz that needed a correction!-- crisw

How did you suddenly become the 100th user when Smooth Crimnal was first?
- Mysterious-Stranger

I don't quite understand the question, but it was certainly nothing purposeful (is the 100 supposed to have some significance?) If you're referring to WikiUsers, I followed the directions that stated to put my name in chronological order. If this is a big deal to someone for some reason, they can feel free to move my name- I certainly don't care (especially as the number will change when and if anyone else adds themselves above that date.)

I am sorry. It isn't you. Please forgive me for being "Phillip Marlowe" for a minute.
- Mysterious-Stranger

Thank you for the apology. I will also remove what I just wrote in the TrollBuster? listings, as I was a bit upset at the accusation of being a troll!

I know what you mean and will never do anything rash again. I also know how it feels. I was accused for being The Brothers Chaps!
- Mysterious-Stranger