I found this great wiki on Google looking for StrongBadEmail secrets. You guys can probably guess where I got my user name from. If you are still clueless, I got it from one of the video games on one of the StrongBadEmails. It is titled StrongBadEmail/video games if some people who go to this website have no common sense. I have done many edits on this wiki before being registered. Before anyone asks,my favorite character is Homsar. Second in line is Strong Bad. Third in line is the Thnikkaman. I really don't want to list the whole thing.I am also the proud author of the Parsnips-a-Plenty Transcript. Please feel free to add any of your unimportant comments in this almost unnoticeable space. And simply, to end this, I shall say: YOUR HEAD A SPLODE!!....or.....YOUR PHONE A SPLODE!!


Are you joking about liking the thnikkaman? Q-Ball

No. What's so wrong about the Thnikkaman, hmmmm? In case you didn't know, everyone on this wiki can share their opinion.- SBZ22

What's wrong with the Thnikkaman?? Here comes the Thnikkaman! BuzzMBD?

YOU GUYS ARE SO COOL! I also found this site on GOOGLE.
- Homesar Wannabe

I'm cool? AWESOME!- SBZ22