Hi, I'm not a new user anymore here, and when you look at it I'm kinda an old hand at the Wiki, and I think it's the best thing since, like, the wireless web. Or energy drinks maybe. No seriously, This site rocks harder than The Cheat. And that's hard to do.

I'm a belle!



Shake it, SB

Ummm...::sound of bubbles rising through water::



About Me

I'm a chick.
This is pretty much how I look.
I play hockey. Defense is my favorite position, but goalie's great too. My username comes from a Dilbert cartoon where Dilbert invents 'tubular luggage' (travel clothes that can be stuffed into a single Pringles can). It's a pretty old cartoon and so I can't find it on the net to post up. ::oh well:: As you might have guessed, I'm an official member of Dogbert's New Ruling Class (DNRC), the ones who will be favored when Dogbert conquers the world. Anything else....? Oh yeah, I have a cockatiel named Link who's sitting on the back of my chair right now. Visit [my newly updated website!] My favorite toon is The Interview and my favorite part of that is where Homestar says that The Cheat would beat Strong Sad in a fight "with his hands duct-taped behind his back, and little pieces of duct-tape covering his eyes, and Strong Sad could have a spear even." The image of Strong Sad with a spear is just too funny.


see? I told you so.


This is my new puppy, Stanley, at 8 weeks. He's a Shih Tzu. And he's really cute. Aaaawwwwww...pictures to follow. We're taking him home tomorrow.

Those things are bad for you.

That's one ugly bird.
Homestar, I think that's The Cheat.
No way! The Cheat is one fine looking young man. That is an ugly bird.
The Cheat is to the limit

Now get outta here before I throw this bust of Van Buren at you. ::just kidding::

Assorted Cheat


I Mean, Chat!

Uhh... It's TheCheatsCousin. You told me to tell you if i had any trouble, and I'm kinda having touble. Can you help me? -TheCheatsCousin
P.S.: Sorry I called you a dude, since your a girl and all.

Hey welcome to the wiki! I'm AgentSeethroo, but you can call me J. or Josh. or umm....Agent? or something. anyway check out WikiSandbox or WikiGettingStarted. those pages will teach you what to do and whatnot.


Weclome! The Cheat does indeed rock the house. To put a picture up, you just need to type the URL. If it's on your computer, you'll need to host it. Try www.image-shack.us.
--Dark Grapefruit

or you can let me know about it, I can host them for free. Just send me some email swilde at cs.utah.edu

Don't worry, I've got a freeservers account now.--TubularLuggage

I agree. The Cheat and Strong Bad are so awesome I could not smite them if I tried. - DarkLordNache

TubularLuggage, I deleted the "Some kinda robot" inside joke because it's not really an inside joke; it's just one toon referencing another. It's a good catch, though, and I've added it to the 20X6 vs. 1936 page. For future reference, when referring to a toon, you should link to that toon's wiki page, not to the toon itself on H*R.com. Each toon's Wiki page serves as a gateway that particular cartoon. -- InterruptorJones

InterruptorJones, thanks for letting me know and adding that to 20x6 vs. 1936 page. --TubularLuggage

TubularLuggage..............TubularLuggage................what does that mean?--bkmlb

check the "about me" section, I just added it.--TubularLuggage

Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. That wasn't there when I typed that. I knew I heard that somewhere.--bkmlb

Heh, I remember those Dilbert strips. I actually thought of doing that myself before I saw those. In fact, I have those strips in my hands right now. Dogbet's propsed name for it was "dorkage". -War129

It could work! If you didn't want to get oil on your clothes you could use tennis ball cans. --TubularLuggage

A few days ago I sent Strong Bad an e-mail saying I was Ali, that I sent another e-mail to his Tandy with my phone number, e-mail address, screen name, and address. I also asked if he forgot about me or something. I hope it gets on the site! do any of you know somebody who's the original Ali? because I'm not really.--TubularLuggage

We're visiting some grandparents and assorted relatives in Illinois...I'm checking back on my grandpa's fossil of a PC...it only has the township website unless you use Netscape! Wow, lots of new users since th' last time I checked back, it's spring break and all...--TubularLuggage

I don't think It's a good idea to have those images in .bmp format, i took me forever to load them. Comanche

Yeah, it's taking forever for me too, I guess I'll change them to .jpg.--TubularLuggage

There you go, I changed them. Much better.--TubularLuggage

.png is a pretty good format for images. All of your image editors should support it. -Stu

Is the main difference between .jpg and .bmp the quality? I'm pretty sure that's what it is because once the .bmp pictures finally downloaded they had great quality, but there isn't much difference between .bmp and .jpg for quality (I mean, it's good enough for me), and the .jpg files download in a second.--TubularLuggage

.BMP is perfect quality. It stores every byte of the image. Unfortunately, it has literally no compression, meaning that BMP (Bitmap) files are huge. JPG (JPEG) is a format that's good for images with many different colors and shifting palettes - e.g. a photograph. Its compression algorithms vary widely, and the quality and size of the JPEG depend almost entirely on what program you use to compress it. .PNG files are the format of the future - they are brilliantly compressed, and are very good for computer-made images (for photos, use JPEGs - PNG's main problems are that it tends to expect larger planes of color and that the files can get inordinately large with too many colors). Unfortunately, not all browsers support PNGs, making the use of them dubious at best. .GIFs (Graphical Image Format) are generally the most compressed image format of all, because they are reduced to very few colors and are very low-resolution. GIFs are also the only format listed here that can be used as an animation.

So it really comes down to what you want to do with the images, TubularLuggage. But generally, online, you'd NEVER use a BMP. Those files are huge. They don't just take forever to upload - waiting for a BMP to load can waste a lot of time.

Hoping this helped,
Jweb Guru

I hate to contradict you, Guru, but [all modern browsers support PNG]. That includes IE 5 and later, Netscape 6 and later, Mozilla/Firefox, Opera, Safari, Konqueror, and so on, which, if you do the math, comes out to something like 97.5% of all web users. The rest are blind or using Lynx and thus won't miss them. The only limitation that you need to be aware of is that IE/Win doesn't support PNG alpha transparency, but that won't be a problem around here. -- Interruptor "believe me, I actually know what I'm talking about" Jones

I believe you know what you're talking about. However, many people refuse to update their browsers, and a number of my online correspondents claim that they have trouble viewing PNG images. That's largely the reason I mentioned it; otherwise I would, as you have, have simply shrugged - I've never had a problem viewing them. 'Twas an attempt at a warning. But feel free to follow Mr. Jones's advice as well. As he pointed out, nearly all modern browsers support htem. - An Art Critic Called Jweb Guru

Okay. I'll test out some PNG images to see how they work.--TubularLuggage

Woah. I haven't commented on this page in like...forever!
So, how's it goin? -- AgentSeethroo

Pretty good, I haven't changed it in about a month and a half, so I need to start working...--TubularLuggage

Update: I'm trying to make the world's most disgusting gum. You know Orbit? Packaging looks like this:
And the gum I'm making is Morbid, with a joke-type packaging based on Orbit. It's a work in progress, I'm still Photoshopping the box graphics.--TubularLuggage