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Hey there, liato. Just wanted to say that if comments on a page bothers you (and it is okay that it does) and you go so far as to delete them (while commenting that they should be in a WikiChat), you might want to create a WikiChat and copy them into it yourself. No hard feelings or anything. -- Tom

Good point. I'll start doing that from now on. -- liato

Hey, Liato. It's fine that you're deleting superfluous stuff (I've agreed with all of your deletions so far), but if you delete a page you have to make sure to remove links to that page, too. If you don't, eventually someone will come along and click on the link and create the page all over again. -- InterruptorJones

Just a bit of advice on your comments. It usually isn't helpful to say "I can't tell you how much I just want to stab whoever made this with a knife" when you delete a page, especially a Fan Page that really could be there. I'm not exactly sure what you meant, and I could have easily misinterpreted you; but remember: people can't see you or know for sure your mood. Irony isn't always obvious, and blunt, raw text can easily appear rude. -- Tom

Welcome back! -- JestersOfTheMoon

SLAP -Hobo

Sorry bro, but I think you're way too trigger-happy when it comes to deleting fun facts. We had a discussion about this on the [forum]. Remember that your opinion is not authoritative: Just because you don't agree doesn't mean it's definitely false. -- EboMike

EboMike is exactly right. I have restored the pages and everyone else's work. Please see the forum thread to discuss this further. -- Tom