Lo and Behold! I am the DarkLordNache and I shall rule over all you foolish mortals! Behold my ultimate power! Walks outside and blows up the next person to walk past. And that is only the begining. As you can clearly see I am not one to be trifled with. I am one to be feared and revered. There is no mortal man that can possibly stand against me! Mu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Post comments below.

/Smitting list

-Strongrad- I laugh at u!!!! I want a cold one! Listen man,noone laughs at steve. Im his lackey, so watch your back.

Listen up Nacho I'm Steve. My lackey told you that. Anyway welcom to your doom I kick major butt. Watch your back twice. -Stevebad

This is just plain sad...im sorry but Mu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha? yeahh...w/e...i mean, im not that sad...w/e...l8r dudes...DeAnNaPaN

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been called Nacho. Well I guess it is time to do some serious smitting. It's a good thing you guys live in the same general area. - DarkLordNache

Bring it on Nacho Boy. Me and Strongrad gonna take you down! -Stevebad

WikiWar!!!! Strongrad

Oh relax, he's harmless. -Arro

Yeah, about as harmless to humans as the KoT is to a stick of butter. - DarkLordNache

There's only one t in smiting. And Stevebad and Strongrad will both leave voluntarily if we just ignore them. Or we could send them to a three month reform camp to make them normal wiki users. It's all up to JoeyDay. -War129

Or we could smite them. - DarkLordNache

What is this WikiWar? StrongRad asked me to be his ally, and I accepted. Give me good reasons not to, and I'll change my mind.
- Mysterious-Stranger

The WikiWar was a sad attempt by Stevie and Raddie to somehow get rid of people who disliked them. It was deleted long ago, because it was supporting negative feelings towards other WikiUsers, when we should be coexisting peacefully. --Archiver Lord Karkon

I never got how you could wage war on someone. I mean all we can do is delete each others pages and edit stuff, and I can just revert it to what it was so it would just be like a battle to find out which one of the pens is mightier. - DarkLordNache

Yo, Lord Nachedude. I'ma thinking your not that bad a guy. Is there any way I can become a follower of the Dark-Lord-Nache order or something? --Lord Karkon

Sure. Every Dark Lord needs his followers. Just like Sauron had the orcs and Voldermort has the Eaters. DarkLordNache

YAY!!! I mean, Chaos... smiting... destruction --Lord Karkon

I wants to be a follower of yours, too -- LemSportsinterviews

I am trying a completly different aproach to taking over the world. First I will gain the trust of some really really rich guy. Then after I get a Ph.D in both chemistry and Forensic Science I will poisen-how do you spell that- him/her and gain all of their money. Then I place my most trusted followers in promnent places in different governments around the world. One of my operatives will be vice president and he will slip the president some poisin that causes heart attacks so as to make it look like a stupid plan obviously made by me. Then I will use my forign opperatives to cause World War 3. I will not use nuclear weapons because it is not my point to blow the earth into a nuclear grit. After the United States wins the war my operative will claim all the lands that lost as American territory. Once this is done I will use china's vast population to create a undefeatable army and create World War 4. Once China wins and claims the world as its own no one can blame the U.S. and I will become the ruler of the world after China's ruler steps down. Mu ha ha! - DarkLordNache

Moron. How could you mispell "poison"? You are the biggest loser on the planet. Do you really think that would work? -CE5

Do you really think I would tell you my real plan? - DarkLordNache

There is only one problem, James Bond characters will stop you before the Vice-President ever knew he was your minion, but an "E" for "Elvis"
- Mysterious-Stranger

That's where the Ph.D in forensic science comes in. I can make it look like someone else did it. - DarkLordNache

I dunno, Pierce Brosnan is very canieving.
- Mysterious-Stranger

So I will simply have a harem of beautiful women to distract him. - DarkLordNache

- Mysterious-Stranger

Nacho boy! hahahahha!
O My GOSh. You are not saying that you are joining "the dark forces of the Dark Lord Nache". *rolls eyes in disgust* -Arrohed Aria

I am not, If that is what you are asking.
- Mysterious-Stranger

Im not talking about you. You always seem to think that i am talking to you.

How many is always? - DarkLordNache

I'll give you ten seconds...
- Mysterious-Stranger

To do what? - DarkLordNache

Nevermind. I forgot I was a pacifist.
- Mysterious-Stranger

Pacifists are fun because they don't fight back. - DarkLordNache

Hear, Hear! NACHO-BOY!!!!!
- Mysterious-Stranger

James Bond? Stopping us? *Cough* Yeah right *Cough*
Just look at what I did to him!
--Lord Karkon

BONDDOKEN!!!! - DarkLordNache

So that is why they are replacing him.
- Mysterious-Stranger

With who? Max Smart? Yeah, right. --Lord Karkon

Don't you DARE diss #86, man, or your in for it.
- Mysterious-Stranger

  1. 86? What are you talking about? - DarkLordNache

What? Gonna use a shoe phone on me? Yeah, right.
To DarkLordNache: Max Smart is from a comedy called "Get Smart", parodying spy movies. He was #86 in the agency, as opposed to #007. --

I'm gonna use the "cone of silence" on ya
- Mysterious-Stranger

Weren't you complaining in your useless subpage about people being rich and about pointless wars? -CE5

Yes, but all those people are idiots. They are by no means subtle in the things they do, which will inevitably be their downfall. - DarkLordNache

DOOOM!! Your foolish spies can't stand up to my ultimate powers of Jasc PaintShop Pro and Freewebs account! --Dark Lord Karkon

Your knowledge of politics is almost as bad as your spelling. According to you if an "idiot" wages war they deserve to be killed. But if a "smart" person like you does it, you deserve praise, even if he did it for the same reason as the "idiot". -CE5

He's catching on. - DarkLordNache

Gosh. What a hypocrite. -CE5

I have always wondered why it always says "Reticulating splines" on a lot of the sim games. - Heir_of_Lindeen

For those not In the Know, that was part of the message that I put for the summary of the change I made while fixing Mysterious Stranger's broken link. To answer the heir, reticulating splines actually means (to the best of my knowledge) smoothing splines (note that I could easily be wrong). Splines are angles in planes, such as might be found in a polyhedral object. It doesn't make much sense as a game, either. Oh, and incidentally, Dark Lord, I know I might be a bit late in saying this, but... nice smitting list. - Jweb Guru

You moron! Don't you know that true evil only brings its own early death? -CE5

You know nothing of evil my friend. - DarkLordNache