What was the first thing you ever saw? Mine was Marshmallow commersal. It was... 3 years ago? I didn't look online much, then 3 years later, I'm a big fan. ^_^ ~CB

StrongBadEmail/Dragon --Lord Karkon

StrongBadEmail/japanese cartoon -- CE5

StrongBadEmail/guitar -- AgentSeethroo

StrongBadEmail/crazy cartoon and which marshmallow commercial? -Crap

StrongBadEmail/spring Cleaning --Arrohed Aria

Main Page 8.-DaChazman

StrongBadEmail/website - been hooked ever since. -Stu

A Jorb Well Done -Kupo

[I got scroll buttons like the day is long!] -PrincessofStrongBadia....ah...I almost cried the first time I found the mirror for this.

Is that really the first thing you saw? -CE5

StrongBadEmail/caper - "Douglas"