Ugh!! Why does everyone think he's Mexican? The only proof is that in sbemail_22 it said he has a Mexican Wrestling Mask for a head. And his accent is German. It sounds almost just like my Gramma and Arnold Schwarzenegger. (who are German)\

Actually, Arnold Schwarzenneger is Austrian.- SBZ22

I was born in Germany, but I live in da USA. My dad and mom were soldiers and met each other there. -MG_Racoon

Cool, (MG_Raccoon)?! So would you say that Strong Bad is German or not? -Mrs. Bad

Actually, Schwarzenegger is Austrian, I think. My e-mail (I'm unclear what the exact words were) said that I was Ali (I'm really not) and that I sent another email to his Tandy with all my personal information on it (not really of course). It looks like Strong Bad might actually want something the KoT has now.--TubularLuggage

I know Arnold is Austrian, but they speak German there, so he has the accent, and that's the point. -princess

So you actually think his accent is german? Ok, it might have started w/ my email to strong mad, as "Hades"

The entire Strong Bad idea was created from an old NES wrestling game with "The Brothers Strong" as characters, two mexican wrestlers whom Strong Bad's apearance is based upon. The End. --Lord Karkon

NO!! NO I TELL YOU!!! I HAVE A GRAMMA WITH THE SAME ACCENT AND SHE'S GERMAN!!! Even if he is based on an old Mexican Wrestler guy TBC have got their accents mixed up!
P.S. I have a question: Why would the Brothers Chaps base Strong Bad on a video game character? Isn't that plagiarism?

da princess has proof that SB is German!
1.) In some emails, he's pronounced the "ch" like it is pronounced in the German language. (Antioch in StrongBadEmail/2 emails, Rechsteiner in StrongBadEmail/action figure).
2.) In StrongBadEmail/marzipan, he spells enough proof like this: enuff pruf, with umlauts above the u's. That looks like a German spelling to me.
3.) In Marzipan's Answering Machine, Version 1, he says "calling to you" instead of just "calling you" which I'm pretty sure is a general European thing. (Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not completely sure.)
4.) This may just be a coincidence, but in Marshmallow's Last Stand, when he's muttering stuff while he's getting out the bomb, he says "goben", which told me meant "gave" in German. I don't know what that has to do with anything, but still!
5.) He signs his name in Swedish in StrongBadEmail/little questions. That language is related to German. That may be why he knows how to say his name in it.

Princess, that hardly suffices as "proof." All the stuff you mentioned were part of jokes. enuff pruff - a joke. calling to you... a JOKE. number four is stupid, as you practically said yourself. number five is pretty dumb too. And I have a strong sensation that number one is pretty dumb, too, but I'm not going to check out those emails right now. I tend to believe he has a Mexican accent for two reasons: due to the nature of his creation... the mexican wrestling mask and all... and also, in some of the interviews, he sounds more mexican. Also, jus in general when reading the emails i hear a Mexican accent.
I, too, would like to know the answer to that your question about the NES game. I mean, I know the new Strong Bad is waaay better than the one in that game and all, but the other one still came first. Do they have some kind of agreement er something? My best guess so far has been that the company that made that game no longer exists. Or maybe they didn't have the character copyrighted or something. Anyway. Tell me if you know anything. --T.Milkman

How do you know? Have you ever heard a Mexican accent? AND I have one more piece of proof:
6.) Strong Bad doesn't tan, he just goes red, when exposed to sunlight. This is a trait common to Northern Europeans and definately NOT someone coming from a place that is right on the Equator.

Uh ... Yeah ... in fact ... I have heard a Mexican accent before. 0_o
And as for your most recent exhibit of "proof", I have prepared a well-thought-out response after much research: Strong Bad is not real. Oh, but his skin tone patterns are consistent with those of the norsemen of Northern Europe. Misses Bad, do you really think that the Brothers Chaps carefully decide traits such as you described to give hints as to his nationality? You are being irrational.
Look, the truth is all we have to go on is the accent, mmk? You think it sounds German; I think it sounds Mexican. We just hear it differently. --TehMilkman

About the "ch" thing, based on the way he prounounces things, you could just as easily say that he's Hebrew, as that sound is common in Hebrew words. I don't think his current accent is Mexican at all, although he was based on a Mexican person and in early cartoons he did have a Mexican accent. To me, he sounds nothing like Schwarzenegger. I agree that he is pretty much pure Caucasian, not Hispanic, evidenced by his inability to tan, torso color, and his eye color. In fact, I think that all H*R characters are supposed to be Caucasian, except for PomPom(Pacific Islander), The Cheat(not human), possibly Bubs(African), and The King of Town's Chef(Oriental).

His eye color? Uh, I was under the impression that he had green goggle type lenses over his eyes. What is his eye color?
I think Bubs is supposed to be like a black guy. The rest I really doubt TBC have identified with race... except for Strong Bad and Marzipan... and Biscuit Dough Hands Man. The rest are just like... cartoon characters. But I think in large part inferring race relations from H*R is, as is seen so often, overanalysis. I mean, "PomPom is a Pacific Islander"? 0_o --Teh "Milky White" Man

Strong Bad has a wrestling mask for a head. Therefore, his eyes are green. I'm appologize in advance if this offends anybody, but the only people that I've seen that have hair that's not black or eyes that aren't dark brown are white or at least have some white ancestry. I'm sorry you thought my ideas were stupid, but I thought of that because PomPom lives on an island. -CE5

Strong Bad has a wrestling mask for a head. Therefore, his eyes are green. Aha, I see where you're coming from now. And yeah I knew you inferred that in part because of the Isle of Pom, but even so... why? I understand you, yourself, identify Pom Pom with Pacific Islanders, and I can understand that. I wanted to clarify, if you will, that -- how do you say -- "The views and opinions expressed on this wiki are not necessarily those of The Brothers Chaps or their subsidiaries." --TehMilkman

How do you guys know he's based on that video game character? Is it possible that it's just a coincidence? I mean, I think all wrestlers would wanna call themselves strong. If not, could you give me a web page of this video game thing? I wanna see for myself how much alike the two are. -princess

HAA!!!! My French teacher, who also teaches Spanish and knows what a Mexican accent sounds like said some stuff in a Mexican accent and it sounded nothing like Strong Bad!!!! AND I said "crazy" the way SB says it and he said that it sounded German or Slavic or Hebrew or something like that, and definately NOT Mexican. So, HAAAHAAAA!!!!!!! -ObsessionalConfessional

Who gives a crap about your French Teacher? And the game Strong bad was from was called Tag Team Pro wrestling on this site ( it is credited as the fourth worst NES game ever. The Winner is Strong Bads. i've seen a picture before where it has that phrase and Strong Bad's picture. That's the best results I've got for you for now. --TehMilkman

I understand your desire to be right, but there's no need to be rude. ("Who gives a crap about your French teacher?") -princess

I meant what I said and I said what I meant. Seriously, why should I care what your French Teacher says? I have yet to see one person come forth and say "I give a crap about princess's French teacher." And all we have to go on is your word that you said "crazy" "the way SB says it." Even so, it's just one word. I hardly think you're entitled to a HAAAAAAAA! Why can't you just agree to disagree? I, myself, have agreed to believe that this entire conversation is dumb and I'm not going to continue this crap. --Man of Milk Man

I hardly think you're entitled to a grumblecake. -princess

Milkman, if you don't care about this conversation, just don't join it. -CE5

I'm going to waste time and space saying I don't care

(Wow. A crime punishable with tapioca.) -Crap

Sheesh! So much hostility. Chill, people. Okay, look. In the StrongBadEmail/helium , I think it's quite clear that Strong Bad has a Mexican-type accent. Some of his idiosyncracies of speech, plus his skin tone, suggest that he's not Latino. Perhaps he was a middle-European who lived in Mexico for a long time. - Factotum

Hey this is off-topic, but I looked at View Document History and it appears Crap has a lot of trouble with enlarged writing!!

I have new information: Check out 3 wishes! He has no accent whatsoever! -CE5

That's technically impossible. Everyone who speaks has an accent. He just doesn't have a foreign accent. [/nitpick] As for the main question, Strong Bad does not have to come from anywhere. It's just a cartoon. Deal with it.

About Strong Bad's accent: I speak Spanish, and the way he says words like "you" in "flashback" hints at a Spanish/Mexican accent. BTW, contrary to what some people seem to think, being Mexican doesn't preclude being white.

About the video game: See Strong Bad's character page, I added the link there.

I think that Strong Bad just grew up around mixed cultures. He seems to have a Mexican accent, but with hints of German and FRENCH! all of you overlooked the minor detail that he, in unused emails he pronounced Illinois Illinwa. In French, the last letter of a word is usually silent, and oi is pronounced wa. Well, I gotta go. It's FaHORDlinggrADS's birthday and I want to use Phantasy Star Online. The Friggin Cheat

If you ask me Strong Bad doesn't have an accent.He sounds like me (except I don't have the scratchiness) --AgentNine

erg. Who cares? - AgentSeethroo

He also says 'croissant' frenchish. But i still think hes mexican. - PorscheFanatic?

HE'S MEXICAN!!!!!!! GEEZ!!!!!!!!