Hey, for some reason I have this quote of Homestar Runner saying, "You're weird," stuck in my head. Can anybody remember what cartoon that's from? -socetew

This is from Thing In a Bag. Homestar says it to Bubs for trying to cover up the fact that he knew who the drinks were for.

In which cartoon do we see Strong Sad and Homsar playing a game? --Fishie McGee

We see this in Where's The Cheat?. It's Connect Four, though Homsar plays just like we would expect.

When does Homstar say 'Sure' as a reply to 'What's your favourite season?' I saw it in the yearbook. --Rainer

I don't think that was in a cartoon. It's just a funny thing in the yearbook. --Dark Grapefruit

I always hear people say that "strong bad calls marzipan a dirty hippie... without the dirt", but I have never heard it! where is is from?

The oft-mentioned quote about Marzipan being "a dirty hippie... without the dirt" is from her page in the yearbook (formerly the characters page).

Isn't there an E-mail where Strong Bad starts off with a "This E-mail is provided in part by Viewers like You"?
Or am I just on crack? --The Brothers E

I hope not. It's StrongBadEmail/autobiography.

Which cartoon has Homestar saying a 2-syllable phrase really fast? I think he says something like "Soft hands, soft hands!" and he's probably saying it to Strongbad. --socetew

He says "butt dance, butt dance!" in his VHS on the characters page --Metastar [Metastar's fansite]

Doesn't one of the emails have Strong Sad scaring Strong Mad?~DoubleDeuce?

Yes, in StrongBadEmail/caffeine. Strong Sad is hanging upside-down from the ceiling, Strong Mad yells at him to get down, and he says "No no! Parakeet!" Strong Mad recoils in terror and says "Did you just say parakeet?" -- Gemini
I thought he said "The Cheat is a turkey?"

What is the email where Strong Bad says "You don't have to sign your emails with 'very crapfully' or 'crap is to the mix'. 'your friend' thats a good one, or 'sincerely'. Come on, guys, I'll still read 'em. Also, what is the email where the sender's name is "Sinstuddly 17" and Strong Bad replies with "Well, dumb name, ...". I know they're both from before gimmiks, but does anyone know the exact origin? -CE5

Well, to answer your 1st question, it's in "3 wishes". Sunnythehamstar

For the second one, it's Invisibility, which is clearly after Gimmicks. --Dark Grapefruit

Okay, my turn! In what email was the phrase "double-duece" originally from? (I know, I want to see if you know!)-Sunnythehamstar

I think we all know it's from this one. --DG

I remember a cartoon that's the first time someone mentioned, "Free Country, USA". What was it? And who was the character? -Song of Sibbie Song

StrongBadEmail/flashback, Strong bad as narrator.