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  1. JestersOfTheMoon
  2. Dark Grapefruit Wow, I'm old! I remember when I first found this place in January. I spent a good two hours reading all the easter egg pages and trying them. Good times, good times.
  3. Arrohed Aria Ah, crotchety old decrepitness... Yeah. Those were good times; good times. *Flashback to number 19 on the user list.* Those were the days when there weren't many people here to transcribe, so you could contrubute more... *Flashback over.*
  4. Fishie McGee Going back to December, good old number 9. I used to transcribe new emails. But I use a Mac so I can't use all that software that lets you pause and stuff. It took a while. Ah well.
    • Fishie, the pause/rewind/ff/skip bookmarklets linked to at the bottom of this page ought to work fine in Mozilla and Firefox for the Mac. Give it a try.
  5. JamesGecko I was the first person to stumble onto the Wiki from the outside world. I think I randomly clicked on the link on Google. It was more fun when there was more to do... now, every new Strong Bad Email is transcribed within 10 minutes of its coming out. I did a lot on the Character pages back when there were only the main characters' profiles on the site. I think I also set up the Places page. There was... like... The Stick, The Basement and The Field. Heh, it had a pretty lame start.
  6. JoeyDay - I remember when there was nothing here but a transcript for the Strong Bad Email Mile, done by none other than yours truly. I about fell off my chair when I opened up StrongBadEmail one day to find that every email had been listed with a link to its own page. I about fell off my chair again when I opened it up a month later to discover that every email had been transcribed! This community has really done a tremendous amount of fun work here. Keep it up, I love this place!
  7. Stu - Even though Mr. Gecko up there was #2 on the wiki, I was here before him. :) That's what I get for being lazy. I suppose I didn't know if this Wiki thing was going to take off. Being busy with school, I wasn't ready to commit a lot of time to something that might fizzle. Here we are a few months later, and it certainly hasn't fizzled. So, here I am, stuck as user number 4.
  8. CE5 I'm the 22nd user here, and the first thing I rember doing to this site was asking whether "Doregard" was spelled with a "T" or a "D". Dang, when I first got here, the only poll was whether, in the Parsnips-A-Plenty easter egg, the two characters were The Kaiser and either the Devil or a demon, or the Devil and a demon. (I voted for the first). That was so early, the poll was on The Kaiser's page, because WikiPolls didn't exist at that time. Then I added another poll, on the page that it related to. Both were put on a subpage of WikiChat. Finally, the polls got their own page. (That's why the note at the top of WikiPolls about putting polls there exists.) I found this Wiki while searching for stuff on Homsar, and I just went back and forth between characters, not going to any other pages.