The Brother's Strong's surname is "Strong", but their surname is their first name. Discuss.
- Mysterious-Stranger

Well- in Japan, the surname and first name are synonomous...
-Alpha "Japanese" Zodiac

Yeah and in China.

As I noted on SB's character page, they probably got Strong Bad from a video game. Then Strong Mad, Strong Sad, and the discarded character Strong Glad were obvious spin-offs.

Strong Glad was never supposed to be a character! It was just making fun of one of their Strong Sad concepts! Stop thinking that it was actually going to be a character! -CE5

What video game?!--Agent9

Tag team pro wrestling. The Brothers Chaps even mentioned it in an interview once, so s'far as I'm concerned that's the origin until I hear a better explanation: "WINNER IS STRONG BADS!"

There's already been a frikin' topic like this! -Shopiom