You know how Strong Bad and I think some other people are always taking about "reaching 1st, 2nd and 3rd base"? Now I know I'm probably gonna sound like the world's most uncool person when I ask this, but, what does that mean? I mean I know the baseball-relating kind, but there must be some other slang meaning having to do with dating. What specifically are the three bases? -PrincessofStrongBadia

The bases have to do with "how far you go" with someone on a date. But this really isn't the place to discuss that sort of thing. You're better off asking your parents or an older sibling. -- InterruptorJones

OK........but it can't be anything inappropriate, I mean TBC vowed to keep their stuff clean....right?-princess

Which toon is it mentioned in, I can't recall. I think that TBC usually follow the Prime-Time TV rule: you can put in "adult" jokes as long as it's at least thinly-veiled so the youngsters won't get it. -- InterruptorJones

StrongBadEmail/studying. The very usage of terminology involving "The Bases" is a kind of way that adults can talk about something that wouldn't be appropriate to talk about in the presence of youngsters or even other adults that are immature. So... yeah. Ask someone older that you trust. -- Tom

This was in a really old email. Just in case you've forgotten, one of the old emails was entitled "making out". So I don't think that TBC had made a vow to keep things 100% clean at first. -CE5

Yep, the newer e-mails are a lot cleaner. A lot fewer "crap"s. In fact, I was a little surprised that Strong Bad actually punched Homestar in "car". -- InterruptorJones

Here are two more "unclean" things in relatively old stuff: (Strong Bad Email/the bird)? and The Cheats Theme Song Video: "Making-Out-With-Marzipan!" -CE5

Well, my Mom told me what she thought it was, but she wasn't positively sure. Anyways, I don't think making out is unclean. It's just kissing. And I just wanna thank IJ for being the responsible adult figure around here. :) -princess

In a number of interviews I've read/listened to/watched with TBC, the issue of the site being clean has come up. They never made a vow. They were just copying the kind of humor that they saw on TV in the 80s, which was, in fact, cleaner than a lot of today's pop culture. They were even thinking for a while about making a swear episode where all the characters let loose. They've probably been making the site cleaner as it's become more popular, and they've noticed how young their audience has become. --Fishie McGee

To answer someone's question, Mike and Matt didn't mean for homestarrunner to be for little kids in the beginning, they were just making fun of children's books. They then gave it out to their friends. The site was originally just for TBC, their dad, and maybe said friends. Anyway, since then more and more children have been on the site, so it was originally meant for adults and is now meant for everyone. -CE5

I don't think we're supposed to talk about that kind of stuff here. how can you say that you always think that if you don't know what it means? in any case you should probably ask your parents. I think it against the rules to discuss that stuff here, isn't it? -TROGDOR!101

It's not exactly against the rules, I believe, but it's borderline. That is to say, if the discussion could be handled maturely, without either profanity or the corruption of the youthful mind, it would hardly be against the rules. Unfortunately, the connotation of the term 'base' in this context is such that that's difficult to impossible, so effectively: yes. And as far as I can tell the Brothers Chap aren't keeping this site clean so much to protect the young - anyone who's watched television for the past few years is already undoubtedly far from clean - but because it's, as they said, the way that they write. They don't stint upon using the word 'crap'; it's just that they don't see a reason for their characters to curse. And honestly, neither do I. Besides, can you really see any of the characters cursing further than that? If they did it would be like South Park all over again - totally incongruous and, by this point, very predictable. I doubt that Homestar Runner will ever employ profanity as a device to generate laughs. - Jweb "Once You Start Analyzing Humor it Ceases to Be Funny" Guru