The Red Assassins have no landmark. They have no leader. They have no side. They have no mercy...
The history of the Red Assassins is back in a place much worse than Free Country. The place was
called: Slave County, USA. In this, people were not allowed to have any interests, not allowed
to play, not allowed to be individiul. You all wore the color red, but the color red looked more
like brown because they had to mine for chocolate all day. If you ate any chocolate, you were to
be tooken to "The Greensweld". In "The Greensweld", two guards got batons and smacked your stomach
until you threw up. One day, a young girl stood up to the people, and it convinced other people to
stand up for their rights (including me, CE1) and everyone ran off with shovels, beginning a clan
of assassins called the Red Assassins.

CE1: Ah, I see you have come. Where do you wish to visit?