Who is your favorite character? I love Homsar. He's really cute and pigeon toed, and he says random and irrelevant things. "Daahhahhaa, I was raised by a cup of coffee." But it's really sad when he gets crushed by that heavy lourde.

My Favorite is Coach Z, because he speaks in a weird way (Jorb!) and he can be pretty crazy and random. (His "Curly Twisted Q!" speech.)

Hmmm. I like PomPom, the Cheat and homestar runner best. don't ask me to narrow it down from there, bc its a pretty close tie for me.-JamesGecko

The Cheat. Period. No one else can even come close to a furry man with a gold tooth. Well... maybe Homsar. But only because he's random. -Dark Grapefruit
Okay, I change my answer. Strong Sad comes close, and in fact surpasses The Cheat, ever since Caffeine.


Homsar. Without - a - doubt! He speaks in a really nonsensical way and I sorta like the way he talks. The only person that can even come CLOSE to him in my list is Strong Sad. -AdibM

Without a doubt, it has to be, nobody else but, 'STRONG BAD'!!!! You can't top a man who has boxing gloves for hands(and can still type pretty well), a wrestlin' mask for a face, and a telekinetic gem on his forehead!


Strong Bad! All time! Strong Bad! Strong Bad is my avatar on lots of forums! -TheDoggy

the thinkkkaman is number one he's my favorite!!!-duders307

My favorite's Homsar....period....- (StrongBadZone22)?

My fave has GOTTA be The Sneak! - Sneak_Addict

My all time fave is Moogle!! Oh, wait. That isn't a homestar character. The Cheat or Homsar will do. MoogleMaster?

Strong Bad because he likes sticky-notes a lot. -Crap

Well here's my list
1.Strong Bad
2.The Cheat
3.Homestar Runner
4.tied with Coach Z and Bubs. -Stevebad

(Go ahead, laugh) My favirote is The KOT, and I hate Homestar- Jack Selby

1.Homestar Runner
2.Strong Bad
3.The Cheat
5.The Poopsmith
Poot Slap

Mine is-

1. Homestar Runner
2. The Cheat
3. Strong Bad
4. Coach Z
5. PomPom

1. PomPom
2. The Cheat
3. Poopsmith
4. Strong Bad
5. Uh... HomSar, I guess

1. The Cheat
2. Homsar
3. Strong Sad
4. Strong Bad
5. Homestar
- JestersOfTheMoon

STRONG SAD! I am like, the worlds biggest Strong Sad fan! -sunnythehamstar