Do you think the characters are human? I do except for The Cheat and PomPom.-Another Fan

Only Strong Bad and Strong Mad. They are the only ones that look human. Maybe marzipan and the KoT -Arrohed Aria

I think they are all relatively human except for The Cheat. Strong Bad simply has a big, red head. Strong Sad is human, just very pale. Same deal for Homestar and Coach Z. Bubs is human, except for the fact that he's blue. PomPom is simply a very bloated human. All characters that appear armless simply have invisible arms. The Cheat is the only non-human main character. -CE5

I personally think it's a cartoon, so none of the characters are supposed to be human or not. Don't look into something this simple too much. -War129

I think all of then are one species(how do you spell it?) exept the cheat(he is the only one who does not act human) and pompom (it is stated).The one of the species(again) has different charcteristics.Ex. SS:gray,sm:no head,
hsr:white, no arms.Another Fan

I have been wondering about that for the longest time. I think that they all live in a world apart that is sort of like Earth, and has creatures that represent those of Earth. I think Strongs, Poms, and the other guys besides The Cheat all represent humans and The Cheat's species represents human pets like the cats or dogs. -PrincessofStrongBadia

No, but they live in Free Country USA, so if they live in the USA, they're from earth. Or another dimension. Also, if the Strongs are all brothers, how come they all look different? BTW, the cheat is his own species. That's why he's THE Cheat, not just A Cheat.-MG_Racoon

Their land is called "Free Country, USA," it's not the ACTUAL United States! Like I said, it's a parallel of it, just like Dortugal is a parallel of Portugal and so on....

Actually, he's A The Cheat. (see StrongBadEmail/flashback) Also, I think they're just people that happen to be drawn in a weird way. --DG

Okay, this is stupid. They're all just cartoon humans! Except PomPom, The Cheat, and many secondary characters. And by the way, Strong Bad's head is not red. He's wearing a mask. -M'fox

He's NOT wearing a mask!!! That adorable cute face IS his real face! -da princess

Fox, you have to believe Strong Bad. Unless there is a cartoon where Strong Bad takes off his wrestling mask and boxing gloves, you have to go with what he said in his first email. He had no reason to lie, I mean, it's not like that would make him any "cooler" or anything, so just believe him. -CE5