I have created this chatsite to see how much people love the show South Park. It's my favorite show! I am creating a tally now - LimoZeener

Our Survey Says...

The following people love South Park:

But the following people hate it:
  • Arrohed Aria - This is a vile show with much profanity and sexuality, not to mention it is stupid.
  • Jweb Guru - Totally pointless and immature, not particularly funny, and outdated.
  • Kupo - I pity people who stoop to such a low level.
  • Fire "I hate South Park" Bird - Who could sink so low? The pool of immature-ness is only eight feet deep.
  • AgentSeethroo - I tried, but I just can't do it. I like the things I put into my mind to be substantial and beneficial. It's a choice.
  • JestersOfTheMoon - Hey, the Brothers C hated it, I do too.

The following people have heard of South Park but never watched it:

And the following people have never heard of South Park:

Just put your name up there like I did. Any comments?

You're 11!! Shame on you.
Another Fan

Be quiet, South Park kicks a** Jack Selby

Yeah dude. Hey has anybody here watch the movie of South Park?And Jack Selby if you love South Park then put your name there.-LimoZeener

Dark Grapefruit this is for you NOTOWLIE WE DON'T WANT TO GET HIGH!!!!!!!!!!-LimoZeener

Ugh. How can you stand that show? Too much profanity. -Kupo

That's why it's funny. I mean come on, their animated 4th Graders, do you really care about how much cussing is in it? Jack Selby

I sure do. - FireBird

You know what forget you me and Jack Selby are way mature we watch Adult shows. I mean who cares if 4th graders are cursing everybody curses watch...#@^$%^%@#^$&^*(&%^#&^%*&%$^$%^%$^%$^%$^^%&%$^^%$#@%$^^%%$^%$#@%#@@# YOU $#^%#$#%$^^%$%&%^$. you see.-LimoZeener

Woah. Talk about run-on sentences! That could've been made into 3 complete sentences!!
If you're mature, read a book. Maybe then you'd learn to communicate with the rest of civilization. - Agent "I don't have to swear to be a grown-up" Seethroo

South Park is not an adult show, unless you consider an adult a person who dosen't have a job, sits around all day in their recliner, eats junk food in their parents basement and can't even finsih their sentances. If you consider that an adult, then, yeah, I guess it is what you would call an "adult show". If that is not what you consider an adult, then it is no where close to an adult show (or any kind of show, for that matter). Bottom line, 4th graders swearing is not mature. You may think it is, but it isn't at all. If you think you are "cool" and "mature" by watching South Park, I wouldn't be surprised that alot of people talk behind your backs. - Fire "Take that" Bird

ouch. That had to burn. AgentSeethroo

It should. - FireBird

I don't love South Park. I think it's a little obnoxious and that the creators never had a childhood. South Park is not a mature show. Heck, it's animated! But I watch it anyways, because, minus the profanity, it's an overall funny show. South Park is a world that is in no way relative to ours--in that world, everyone's mind is warped. However, there are four (sometimes three) kids who are sane. Whenever there is a problem, these four kids are always the mediator, the voice of truth. Not always, actually, but the point of the matter is, that it's ironic. The kids are wise, yet the government is ignorant? Maybe the creators's world was a portrayal of ours? Kids are the voice of truth in our world. Their innocent, pure little minds (in this cartoon, not so innocent) solve everything (sometimes even Cartman). The creators keep up with current events, which I find amazing. When something happens here, basically the same thing happens in South Park, Colorado. The War Against Terrorism. The LORT craze. The whole sh'bang with Michael Jackson. Watching South Park does not make you immature. You are not immature if you watch South Park. South Park is the comic relief in today's uptight world. And if you plan to have a debate about what and what not to watch, this is not a "Your Mama" showdown. If you plan to have a frivolous fight of who is immature and who is mature, this isn't the place. And I'm out. -- Mike

For the record, I never said "if you watch South Park, you're immature," and that's not the point I was trying to bring across. My comment to LimoZeener was based solely on that single comment, and was a joke. ~ AgentSeethroo

In reply to Mr. Run-on Sentences, "everyone" does not curse. I think it is just tacky, along with many of my friends. -Kupo

Gee wiz, those characters are 4th graders?? they look like high schoolers on drugs. Swearing is terrible. tsk tsk. and 4th graders? shame shame. -dartarro

Geez come on guys everyone watches South Park all the kids in my school love South Park my brother loves South Park and 3 people including me here love South Park I bet if you watched it just once you'll love it. Acually 4 cuz Mike watches it.-LimoZeener

Most of us have watched it and hated it, actually, which is why we put our names on the list. 'Zeener, just be happy in your enjoyment of it. Don't bother trying to convert other Wiki members; it's fairly pointless. Only in rational debate can conversions be made, and this is not a rational debate. Thank you, and have a nice day. - Keeping the Peace, It's Jweb Guru

Thank you for not making fun of me like the other's but I just put this chat site to see how many people love South Park can't someone just be on my side.-LimoZeener

We're not going to be on your side if we hate it. I have seen one epsiode and hated it. Bad animation and swearing. Not my kind of thing. - Fire "Not trying to make fun of Zeener, just hate South Park and it's immature-ness" Bird

What are you talking about your the one who said people making fun of me behind my back you the only people that are on my side are Jack Selby and Dark Grapefruit.-Limo "I love South Park" Zeener

Why does there have to be sides? So some people don't have the same sense of humour as others. Cool it. --Dark "why can't we just get along" Grapefruit

I've only heard the name of South Park. How do you eat it? -Cr "I hope I'm nominated for Wiki Quote of The Week" ap

Sure, why not?
And I agree, Dark Pumpkin, let's just forget about the whole thing? - Fire "Still hate South Park, but still want to be friends" Bird

I concur. Dark "I love that word concur" Grapefruit