A WikiWord is two or more capitalized words smashed together. There is a sort of special syntax involved, though, so I think some examples are in order.

These are all WikiWords:

And these aren't:

Also note that AColdOne is a WikiWord, but AOne is not. If anyone can explain what the reasoning is behind this rule, be my guest.

I suppose I should have read this page first... Doh! I would guess that AColdOne is because you have "Cold" and "One" capitalized. Having two letters in a row doesn't seem to trigger it though... (as "AOne" isn't a link).

  • 1) i am confused as to why "!" cancels out "WikiWord"...or is that just some other rule
  • 2) correct; AOne could be interpreted as one word with two letters capitalized by accident, while AColdOne has to be considered not just two words, but three!
  • 3) if you really need to make AOne a link just put (( and )) around it, like this ((AOne))
  • ?) then why didn't that work?
  • Ans) He used `x3 around the (( and )).

` = Tilde