...to all of the posts? I had edited Pikachu and some guy deleted EVERYTHING in there and someone wrote in with the summary of change in it and said "This has no purpose here".
Maybe he didn't delete it but we have a deleter on our hands. he's deleteing everything causing it to go on the DELETED menu on Recent Changes. -TheDoggy

He's deleting all the useless pages. (like GameFaqs. Thats a whole other website.
besides, you can get them back.

I think the Pikachu deletion was judicious. It's worth mentioning on the The Cheat Theme Song page that Pikachu makes an appearance, but Pikachu doesn't need an entire page devoted to him because of this one, miniscule reference. If you really want to talk about Pikachu, keep it here in WikiChat. -- InterruptorJones

Ditto u, jones. wow, I saw a couch in "Where is the Cheat"!! Let's make a page about that!! Seriously, dude. -MoogleMaster?

I just thought that someone should make a page on SBemails posting all of the floppy disks next to his computer. They change every time. They're actually pretty funny because they correspond with the emails a lot. I didn't know where to post this, so here I am. -- Mike

Ah, that already exists... it's meticulously updated by Tom, and can be found here. But yeah, it was a cool idea. See if you can come up with some more, so this Wiki can benefit from the bottomless pool of wisdom that is you. - Jaw Guru