I was very curious so i thought i would ask, how to take pictures like they did when they inserted pictures like on sbemail1 on this site.

I assume you are using a pc for this. When you get to a point in the email that you want to take a picture of press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. This will take a screen shot and put it on your clipboard. You then go into whatever picture editing software you are using (Paint for me) and paste the image off your clipboard. Then crop it to your hearts content. :) Hope that helps.

If you need somewhere to upload pictures, drop me a note... email is best.

- Stu

IT WORKED! Thank you! is there anyway i can repay you!?

Money is always nice... :)

- Stu

Where is the clipboard? -Lord Karkon

The clipboard is an area in your PC's memory. It's kindof like the spot on top of your car. You know when you're getting in, you sometimes put a soda cup (or something else you're carrying) on the top of your car? It's important not to drive off without first taking that off the top of your car, but it's a nice place to keep things temporarily. The clipboard lets you copy or cut information out of one document and then paste it into another. You rarely have to view the clipboard itself, because you usually don't keep things in there for very long (in fact, the next thing you cut or copy will overwrite whatever's currently in there). To cut or copy something, use Ctrl-C for copy and Ctrl-X for cut (Using printscreen as discussed above also copies a screenshot to the clipboard). To paste something, go to wherever you want to paste it (in the case above, open Paint and create a new image) and hit Ctrl-P on your keyboard. Hope this clarifies. --JoeyDay

Ok, I got a new XP Professinal and now the Print Screen ask if I want to print the page...on paper! Help me again, please? I thought the problem might be in control panel, but I dont know.
Thanks, --TheDoggy

I can't find this documented anywhere, so I think it must be a "feature" of your printer drivers. Look for printer configuration software in your Control Panel or elsewhere to turn it off. Barring that, there's lots of screen capture software out there. Try Download.com. I often use [Paint Shop Pro]'s screen capture feature, which is quite robust, but there are lots of alternatives, some free. -- InterruptorJones

I got Paint Shop Pro 7, I thought it was this keyboard. Alt+Print Screen tries to open Microsoft Power Point, Ctrl+Print Screen does nothing, no even print screen, but I'll try to find the screen capture in PSP7. Thanks!

Oh, if it's a keyboard with special hotkeys, that may well be the trouble. You ought to be able to disable that in the configuration somewhere. Since I run PSP8 (where they moved Screen Capture under File > Import), I can't remember where screen capture is, but I know it's in there somewhere. Check the Help file. -- InterruptorJones

How do i post them on the wiki?Another Fan

You've got to upload the picture onto the internet. I upload all of my pics for free on my [freewebs] account. (And accounts are free too). Just make sure that you are uploading a universal kind of graphic, like a .gif .jpg or .bmp, not a .psp (paint shop pro image) type graphic. -Lord Karkon

If you would like, you can email me your pictures and I will host them. Just send me the files swilde@cs.utah.edu and I will tell you where to access them.

  • This is still an option. I know most of you already have seen this, but just for those new folks. If you need somewhere to host pictures, just send me a note (either email, or one my userspace...)****


http://www.photobucket.com is another option. It's what i use. -Hobophobic

What if you have a Mac?

Having not used mac very often, I don't know if this will work or not. But simply typing "taking screenshot macintosh" into google, I got this site http://www.macwrite.com/criticalmass/mac-os-x-screenshots.php

I would give that a shot, if not, search around for a little while, and let the rest of us in on the secret. :)


That works great! It's awesome!--bkmlb