I'm a bit of a fontaholic... haha... so i'll help you guys out... the font for "Buy This Stuff!!!" in the store page is a font called House Slant, the font for the "What's New" button is in fact not Pixie, but a font called Potrzebie, and the font for Homsar's shirt isn't regular Bauhaus, it's Bauhaus 93 (but regular Bauhaus is used for all the buttons on the main page and the "First Time Here?" button). Also, the classic Cooper Black is used almost everywhere on the site, the first thing coming to mind being the "come on in" and "watch intro" buttons on the very first page you see. Also, the drippy font on the Strong Badia sign is "WetPaint." Well, that's about all I can remember... there's only one font I can't figure out... it's the font on the main page where it says "go on and see what's new!" and "last updated on blah blah blah.." if anyone can help me with that, you would rock. -wizard7926

The font for "Go on and see what's new!" is called [ComicsCartoon]. --codeman38

I know the font for the Tandy 400 is, can anyone tell me any other fonts on [H*R.com]?-Crap

The font for the Tandy 400 is Westminster. Does anyone know the font for the Compy 386?-SibbieSong [Transported magically from its former home in the Wrong Place by InterruptorJones.]

The "What's New" button on the main page (and elsewhere) uses a font called Pixie.

The TeenGirlSquad font is Ahnberg. Excepting the 'q', which TBC apparently modified a bit.

Others, anybody? -- InterruptorJones

Ahnberg Hand (with modified "q") is used for all of Strong Bad's handwriting. Commodore 64 looks similar to the Compy 386 but looks a little wide to me. Bauhaus is used for the main pages (links to other main pages) and Homsar's shirt.

- "Douglas"

From a interview they said they use atari 2600 font.

I thought the font for strong bad's writing was andy?-Crap

Well, the font for Strong Sad (such as on the job cassette in A Jorb Well Done, is Old English Text MT or similar. It seems to be the font always associated to Strong Sad. ~Rainer~

OOH thanks! I've always wondered what font Strong Bad's adorable handwriting is!
-Mrs. Bad

Does anybody know how to use a downloaded font? I downloaded Ahnberg Hand and now I don't know what to do.-DaChazman

For the above^ put the font into c:/windows/fonts and it will be automatically installed ([mrps2man505050])

I don't have westminster or ahnberg hand. Can I get them without downloading? -Hagurumon

Without downloading? Ah.. well, you could buy one of those CDs full o' fonts. But why not download? Ahnberg and Westminster are both available for free in various places. -- InterruptorJones

What's the font for when Homsar writes the taster's choice thing? Shopiom

I assume you're talking about the easter egg in "dragon" That's also Ahnberg Hand, with a modified capital I. -- InterruptorJones

Would anybody happen to know the name of the font used on the "Parsnips A Plenty" cartoon in the beginning? Like when it says "The Homestar Runner In A Cartoon For Kids"? -FA

Nevermind. I got it. For the record, the font is called House Slant, and it can be found here:

[Atari Font!] - CE1

The font for the Compy 386 is Adore 64. I found that out while font-searching. -Crap