The KOT: Email, you say?

Dear The King of Town,
I just wanted to ask--wait, why am I e-mailing you? Never mind.


I believe you are emailing me because you are hungry. Would you like a greacicle? Aw, darn it, no one ever emails me.
your right i don't need email no one likes me.doo hoo hoo hoo doo

The KOT: Email now comes in five different flavors!

I email you. One question thougth, who made you the king and why do you like butter so much? Well I guess that was two questions.

--(Psycho Mike)?

I made myself the king the same way I earned a free combo meal- by purchasing one of equal or lesser value. I like butter because it allows for a swoother, slicker stomach. Until next time- I'm cool!
20X6 Homestar: Hey Stinkoman, the King's gone crazy! He's eating all our food!
Stinkoman: I'll take care of this!
20X6 KOT: He he he he he...glutton glutton glutton...
Stinkoman: Stop right there! Hya hya hya hya hya! DOUBLE DUECE!
20X6 KOT: No! {explodes}
{Note from JestersOfTheMoon: OK, that didn't have anything to do with anything, I just wanted to do it.}

The KOT:
Dear The King of Town,

How do you type with no arms? Did they fall off in a car accident?


Even I hate these questions! Doo hoo hoo hoo hoo...

Dear The King of Town,
Do you have any laws for your kingdom? Cuz you don't seem to enforce them very well.

The KOT: Yes, I have two laws. Anyone with a name "KOT" may eat as much food as they want, whereever it is. Also, All rulers must employ a Poopsmith.

Dear cot,
If you ate those fishsticks and you were the prince of town, why are you the King of Town now?

The KOT: This is stupid, even for me! My father died.

Dear The KOT,
Have You ever made a rap single? Just Wondering.
-Jack Selby

KoT: A little known fact, Jack, I write all of Coach Z's material. I'm the one who can flow and freak!

Dear KoT,

Why do you suck so bad?


KoT: Dooo...Strong Bad was right...I do suck...I need butter...

Dear KoT,

Do you have any of those fishsticks left over, and can I see a clip of you actually eating them?


No, that lifetime supply only lasted about 4 or 5 minutes. And I ate the clip.

Dear The KOT,
How much do you wiegh?
Jack Selby

That's a good question. I don't know, because I seem to have trouble finding a scale that can support me. They always seem to break. Doo-hoo.

Dear KOT,

You have won 1,000,000 (punches in the face)!!!!!!

From Str-(oopes)uhh....Homestar?

Dear The King of Town,

I heard Marzipan is your daughter. Does that make her The Princess of Town?



Dear Mr King

You are the greatest and you...umm... ...listen i'm just emailing to threaten you. If you don't cough up 1000 in 48 hours, I'll burn your castle to the ground.

Your buddy

Dear Stupid,
You are an evil Saddam-like dictator. You employ poor immigrant workers(you can't fool me;I know the Poopsmith is black) and pay them jack squat, and you gorge yourself until there is no more food for your servents who do these stupid tasks for you for no reason. You suck.
See you in Hell,
Somebody who knows your deepest, darkest secrets

Hey fat guy,
How much do you eat in a day?