Sup!!!! Im Strongrad, i created Lub Lub and Strong Phad (see Pom Pom's friend in Wikifanstuff), me and my bud Stevebad run the Stevebadia. Well, im his lackey, so i relate to the Cheat, but i dont do the sqweeky thing! And my favorite Cheat Commando is Crackotage!
hswin.PNG- One of my favorite charactors!!!!!!!!!!!

coachswing.gif- Nice Jorb

ppbounce.gif- Pom Pom, my ace in the hole, my man

sbdance.gif- To the left, to the right

crazystrongsad.gif- The only time he's cool is when he's hyper

totallystyle.thumb.gif- Coach Z wears a cool jacket

strongbadcave.thumb.gif- To the Closet!

awesomeweird.thumb.gif- And Ill never forget the way it was grrl

kot.gif- Lose those calories!

rocknroll.gif- Moving very slowly!

iamstrongbad2.gif- Strong bad-mad

bubsy.gif- Check it out, Check it out!

conference.gif- Screw all ya'll

stinkotalk.gif- DOUBLE DEUCE

smwalk.gif- Do the walk

sbssIM.gif- Aint they cute? (Yeah Right!)

sbflag4.gif- Please rise!

cheatrolling4.gif- Spin, spin, spin!

running2.gif- Run for your life!

Listen up SR I rule Stevebadia. Yuo are my lackey that was the agreement. This guy is weird everybody I've known him for 5 years. -Stevebad

I think both of you are on some weird attempt to take everyone down. Your weird. -Arrohed Aria

How old are you and Stevebad? (Just curious cuz it would be pretty cool if you're like 12 and you've got your own plot of land)

We're no trying to take people down! That is just weird, but we, we are on a quest to find people who are also awesome. Strongrad

Well, we are that age, but it isnt technically our land. It "belongs to a golf coarse place", but, its more of a ditch, so its deserted. Strongrad

I like your crazy strong sad pic. Do you mind if I use it? (I will save it on my own computer, as to not consume your bandwidth). -Stu


/Homestaralikes- people who are on this site who are like Homestar Charactors

/Awesomewords-Random words from

/Charactersstuff- Another explanation of all the characters

/The Poll - Who's your favorite Homestarcharactor?

/other quiz- Do u no your facts?

/The map- my version of the map of Homesatars place

/Da game- Pick a charactor and pick choices. Stevebad made it up

You and Stevebad seem to be the most annoying people here.Another Fan

Ur annoying "another fan"DeAnNaPaN

No! They're my friends! -princess

Listen all, dont forget to email the_Robot and Mr._Shmallow

Subpages are way cool! Comanche

Holy crap you have a lot of awesome buddy icons! Don't mind if i borrow a few do ya?
-da princess

Sure, you can borrow some. Strongrad

What happened to your other character emails (Pan Pan, Mr. Shmallow and the robot)? I thought your answers were really funny! -PrincessofStrongBadia

Blinkdragonman deleted them cause he "thought that they werent characters that we no alot". And, he's doin Strong Bad's Email even though its against his rules. Strongrad

Well that's really stupid!!--bkmlb

Well, it *is* his fanpage,
Perhaps you could start a new one?

Next time, try not to make me sound like an idiot. If you notice, the two lists are gone. Strong Bad is now allowed for fanatics like POSB. And, although I don't use internet slang, yes, we DON'T know your characters a lot. Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams -- JestersOfTheMoon

I fixed your little subpages thing hope you don't mind. Alright see ya Demandatho -Stevebad

Please don't think I'm a bad person. How would you like it if I posted characters like Bubs on your email thing, and you deleted them, I complained about it rudely, and made someone call you stupid? And I'm more than a little mixed up between you and Stevebad. Prehaps you could tweak your name to make it more original? -- JestersOfTheMoon

Nah, im lazy. Strongrad

It's not hard and grueling work to come up with a creative name and type it in a box. But to each his own, I don't want to force you to do it. -- JestersOfTheMoon

I'm frankly with Blinky on this situation. All of your answers were out of charactor, and instead in Strong Bad's. He had every right to delete your emails! --Lord Karkon

On a slightly unrelated note (read: totally), you and Stevebad remind me of Zorn and Thorn from Final Fantasy 9. For some reason. -- Meltigemini

We're a little confused as to the purpose of your Board Of Homestaration. Could you please enlighten us?
-The Brothers E

UUmmmm... to talk and make fun of charactors. Strongrad

So Strongrad, Homeschool is one of your favourites? Do you like how I'm portraying him in Other Other Email? -princess

Well, i pictured him as a more.... cooler, like Strong Bad, always calling his brothers dumbface, idiots, and LameOs. Strongrad

Brothers? Homeschool has only one brother that we know of, Homestar, and we're not even sure if they are brothers. --Lord Karkon, Who Really Doesn't Like You

i believe Homsar is their brother too. Strongrad, who really doesnt care what you think

Yes, thats what I mean. You talk as if you are certain of everything you imagine, like calling the unnamed girl from Dancin' Bubs "Hampster" or something, and then saying that she is Homsar, Homestar, and Homeschool's sister. --Lord Karkon

You do seem to act like everything you imagine is true. It is beleived that Homeschool is Homestar's brother, but that might not be what TBC had in mind. Also, that unnamed girl is just that, unnamed. For the record, just use information that other people agree to instead of your the information from your own little fantasy world, okay? -Don't Tread on me

Hope U don't mind that I M using some of your pics. --MelonadeLuvr

Not at all. Strongrad

Seeing as they don't belong to him. --Lord Karkon

Or maybe their all half brothers? - DarkLordNache

just sayin' hi! - DaChort666

This is the last bell for Strongrad. What should we do with the first real user to get blocked? -- JestersOfTheMoon

Well, Well well. JestersOfTheMoon, looks like your plan failed, oh, and stop tyin to frame somebody. Strongrad

Look, you freakin' idiot, stop making me lose my temper. I saw what you did. Mess up one more time and it's off with your head. What do you mean by "plan"? I had no plan, you ruined a page so someone else put you on WikiTroll. Another word out of you and you'll really see me ANGRY. -- Jesters "watch it bud, you're on thin ice" OfTheMoon

Before I go and remove you again, I want to make sure that you are aware of what you are doing (and why it isn't something we are going to allow). The links that you are posting are considered ppc (pay per click) links, and they aren't something that we allow here on the wiki (or at least I don't believe we do). With all the information that we are ripping off from Homestar Runner, we can't afford to even hint at making money or we won't be around for long.

So consider this your last warning (from me, if Joey says otherwise, then my opinion will change). No more of the links, or you will need to find another way to share your h*r info.


what r u talkin about stu, i di not add those links. Wait a sec., ive seen those links on other sites. Any word like j*ob c*ar like somehow gets highlighted and becomes a link. But it wasnt me. Strongrad

Strongrad, please download and run [Ad-Aware] or [Spybot Search & Destroy]. It's likely that you have some ugly s*pyware/malware on your computer that's manipulating pages that you visit. -- InterruptorJones

You are by far the most annoying person ever. "r" and "u" are not words; you're supposed to capitalize "I" and "I've"; "Don't", "We're", and all other contractions are supposed to have an apostrophe. This wiki is not a chatroom, so please spell things out right. Not to mention the fact that you are constantly posting annoying things on pages and you have trouble distinguishing between your own little fantasy world and reality. You deserve to be banned. -CE5

Sorry Strongrad, but, IT'S true. You treat everything like it is a chatroom (not to mention your own little fantasy world). That is annoying. You should be banned, for a week or so, at least. - Everybody elese agrees with me, trust me

Thats dont need 2 point out that sum1 dusnt use the right grammer...if ur a geek, you can use proper grammer online, but cool ppl use stuff like ur and r and yeahh w/e...and the end part of FireBirds thing is rong....not everybody agrees w, u...i dont.... DeAnNaPaN

You cant be banned for being anoying. Leave me alone, cuz You and CE5 are anooying too

Well, technically, you could be banned if you cheesed someone off who was in a position to do so. Technically, JoeyDay could ban anyone if he felt like it, and he wouldn't have to give a reason.
-The Brothers E

Um.. CE5, you don't capitalize "don't" or "we're" unless they're at the beginning of a sentence.

Haha! I mean, please InterruptorJones, we're trying to make a point here.

The only one who could ban me for no reason would be Joeyday, and he isn't a jerk Strongrad

You guys, This bickering is really silly. Strongrad, could you please remove it from your Userspace? ~ AgentSeethroo

And could we please give the right to correct-grammarize everything to somebody who has more than a C in English class? (Excluding CE5, that is.) -War129

Let me just say that im on the advanced classes, and i get a's and b's, but i dont really use propper grammer in real life! Strongrad

I know plenty of cool people and plenty of people who use "U R dumb" and such. The two do not intersect at all. --Xhad

Shut up. Hes a lot cooler than ull ever be...Why do you really wanna waste a comment on saying something that sorry but thats just sad...just like you. Kevs cool so leave him alone! DeAnNaPaN

This is supposed to be a place about homestar, not a communications class! Strongrad

This is just plain silly. Strongrad, don't let these rude comments bother you. Your UserSpace belongs to you. I don't care if you speak in Klingon on here. We do appreciate proper English grammar and spelling elsewhere on the wiki, but you are free to do whatever you want on your UserSpace. In fact, improper spelling and grammar should be tolerated everywhere on the wiki -- someone can always come along later and fix that. That's why we have a wiki! We should be helping each other out instead of bickering over dumb stuff like this. --JoeyDay

tlhIngan? DaHjaj 'oH QaQ jaj Daq Hegh! tuq Hov puv 'oH QaQ. Well, my Klingon is a bit rusty, but I think you get the idea. -- Tom

StrongRad, I am surprised. You have gotten all these threats and you still aren't going to let them push you over yet. I know alot of other people would back down and leave, but you haven't. Forget what I said earlier. - FireBird

Strong Rad, can you join my lost emails in wikifanstuff? You're really good at answering emails, so can you, please?

Strongrad, your computer still contains some sort of s*pyware or malware that is creating Pay Per Click links on pages that you edit. I just fixed some over on Stevebad/Stevebadia/Stevebadia Army/Comments. Please download and run [Spybot Search & Destroy] or [Ad-Aware]. If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to email me. -- Tom