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Some Cool Pictures!

pbs3.gif -Brought to you by The Cheat and VLU!

DDRhomestar5.gif -Homestar has the high score!

homesk8rSmall.gif -Homestar Runner skates like a champion!

sbdance.gif -Dancing Strongbad shimmies and shakes at the same time!

hsdance.gif -Believe or not Homestar is dancing atound.

coachswing.gif -Pack it up pack it in!

hsrun.gif -Homestar run go!

ppbounce.gif -Pom Pom is the mack around here.

animstinko2.gif -Are you asking for a challenge!?

dancing_the_cheat_anim.gif -Everybody put their weight on it!

imevil.gif -Still want that bust of Bubo?

totallystyle.gif -Check it out yo!

hsriquit.gif -Homestar wants a higher salarie

scienceagain.gif -Science again! I said science again!

notthe100themaildance.gif -Thought you were Clever Dan!

kf.gif -Coach Z vs. Pom Pom! Who will make it all the way?

The about me part!

Hey all party people and the place to be! I'm new at Wiki and about as internet wily as a dead guy. But I'm a giant H*R fan so I deserve this. I rule over a small piece of land on the golfcourse behind my house. I call it Stevebadia. Isn't that great. I also own a small Comic writing company. It's called Crazy Comics Inc. I have 3 series so far, my oldest comic, Smiley Wars, with 7 episodes currently. Then I made The Funcidellic Adventures of Cappin' Funky which has 2 eppisodes and I have chosen to not continue. And I'm currently working on a new comic, Inferno. I didn't even finish the first issue of that one. If you want info on that stuff just ask and I'll make indivisual subpages for any concerns and such. Well now's your chance to make fun of me while I'm turned the other way go go.

If you wanna send me hate mail that'll go to -Nintendomon64@aol.com
If you wanna instantly message me that'll be -stevebad20X6

Sorry for being a dumb new guy I'm fixing my problems from here on out.

/Stevebadia -my kingdom
/my quiz- a quiz about H*R
/game - not finished but play anyway.

Your comments go here

*Points and laughs* HA HA!! AgentSeethroo

Oh real mature, making fun of me just because I told you to. Thanks a lot, jerk. -Stevebad

*Joins AgentSeethroo* - DarkLordNache

You, along with StrongRad, really need an English lesson. Listen, this isn't a chat room, it's a wiki. Do us all a favor and type in full sentences, not abbreviating, and with correct capitalization. - MoogleMaster

THANK YOU!! The web will be better now. Don't forget to alert your lackey of spelling, too, please.
- MoogleMaster

Dahahaha. Some people are not good at English, like me for example. ~Arrohed(surprise, surprise, -Mrs. Bad)

We would love to have you as a contributing member here. --JoeyDay

You and Strongrad seem to be the most annoying people here.Another Fan

More like Stevebad and Strongrad seem to be the most awesome people here. I think it's more like Another Fan is THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON here. DeAnNaPaN

Maybe you should fix that link. -Stevebad

Yo, sup! Just sayin hey. Strongrad



I get all my buddy icons from 2 places. Either go to homestarrunnericons.com or copy other users'. -Stevebad

What is this WikiWar you keep talking about? -Mechafox

Well M'fox I tell ya, WikiWar is like a great sports play. No seriously, Strongrad got mad at Dark Lord Nache for dissing me, and him so he started that dumb attempt to be cool, but it didn't work. -run Stevebad.exe

Two words. ENGLISH LESSON. You need to stop using abbriviations like "yur" or "y?" or "u". If you want to talk like that, instant message someone. But we like to keep things complete around here. - FireBird

Ya know, it'd be nice if you actually made a Stevebadia army page rather than just mentioning one. --Agent9

He probly will if wen and if he gets a chance cuz if u do actually know him in person and online, he has a life(unlike you)...and quite busy...so give him a chance!!! DeAnNaPaN


What the crap is that crap supposed to mean? -Crap

Whoa, thanks for having my back, man. That's a first. In reality though, I kinda made that army page a month or two ago. - Led Zepplin happens to rock out